How does ASIC Class Order 02/273 and AFSL No 334838 apply?

PrimaryMarkets is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Linqto Asia Capital Pty Limited (formerly Helmsec Global Capital Pty Limited) ABN 77 129 825 798 holder of Australian Financial Services License No. 334838 its wholly owned subsidiary. PrimaryMarkets provides an introduction service for Members in accordance with ASIC Class Order 02/273 (Class Order) which provides an exemption to the disclosure requirements under section 708 of the Corporations Act (Cth) 2001 (Act). PrimaryMarkets undertakes publications, advertisements and introductions on behalf of Seller Members.

Even though some of our Members may have advised us that they are Wholesale/Sophisticated or Professional Investors they may yet to provide the PrimaryMarkets the necessary verification documentation to confirm this status within the meaning of the Act and they would therefore (without the Class Order) be subject to the disclosure requirements of the Act. The Class Order provides these potential investors and share issuers/Sellers with the framework in which they are able to raise new capital/equity without complying with the disclosure requirements required by the Act (refer Class Order Declaration 02/273).

As set out in Declaration, PrimaryMarkets advises that:

  • PrimaryMarkets will receive fees from Sellers for our business introduction service;
  • Neither our Website nor PrimaryMarkets is endorsed or approved by ASIC;
  • Our Website is subject to the Class Order.
  • Securities and investments as displayed on our Website may carry high risk and may be classified as highly speculative.
  • Before deciding to invest all prospective Buyers are strongly advised to receive appropriate independent professional advice;
  • Buyers should be aware that there may be no established market for the future trading of any securities or investments that may be displayed on our Website.
  • The Content of offerings displayed on our Website:
    • has been prepared by or on behalf of the Seller;
    • neither PrimaryMarkets nor the publisher (if any) has undertaken an independent review of the information contained in our Website;
    • is not intended to be the only information upon which an investment decision is to be made; and
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