Who are Members of PrimaryMarkets?

PrimaryMarkets has Seller, Buyer and Intermediary Members.

Seller Members get to create liquidity in their unlisted securities and investments. The expanded demand, visibility and efficiency of PrimaryMarkets delivers this improved liquidity. Proactive marketing to our extensive Buyer and Intermediary networks further enhances the attractiveness of a Seller’s unlisted assets. The Seller Member controls the description, documentation and transaction rules for their asset (e.g. some listings may require a Confidentiality Deed etc). 

Buyer Members get access to hard-to-find yet attractive unlisted assets. Our platform gives the opportunity to purchase Unlisteds in specific classes or regions. The opportunity to build positions that could not be achieved previously. Our Buyer Members are Wholesale / Sophisticated Investors, QIB Investors, Accredited Investors and Professional Investors, as well as, our network of Intermediary Members and their clients. 

Intermediary Members (Institutional / Retail Brokers, Broker-Dealers, Private Equity / Venture Capital, Wealth Managers, Corporate Advisers, Lawyers, Accountants, Administrators / Liquidators) gain an expansive, healthy environment within which to investigate and complete investments and divestments for their clients. Our platform is strong addition to their existing formal and informal networks when seeking to: 

  • Sell assets that may be illiquid to trade and maybe cumbersome to market.
  • Buy investments where they have an appetite to acquire alternate, attractive securities and investments not otherwise readily available in their traditional networks.

PrimaryMarkets business is building and supports these healthier markets:

  • There are no membership, joining or listing fees. We make it as easy as possible to join the platform.
  • We centralise and magnify the promotion of unlisted opportunities. PrimaryMarkets is the platform reducing dependence on closed formal and informal networks as the avenue to liquidity.
  • We create a broad market footprint. We continue to expand our Member base across asset classes and across geographies.
  • We allow the Seller to control the transaction. The very nature of unlisted securities and investments may result in Members wanting additional controls as part of a transaction to align with particular terms related to an asset.
  • We deliver personalised marketing approaches to enhance sale conditions. Structured, proactive CRM functionality to support Members in achieving completed transactions.
  • We can provide disclosure safeguards for particular listings. Certain securities and investments may require a greater level of confidentiality as specified by the Seller and PrimaryMarkets will support these conditions.
  • We maintain 100% integrity of the platform and process. Our independence and impartiality remain paramount characteristics of PrimaryMarkets.
  • We facilitate each transaction to achieve success for the Seller. Transaction success is our ultimate performance measure and we will continue to improve our offering to improve the liquidity and expand the opportunities available to Members.


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