Trading Hubs - Eligible Buyers and Sellers

Who Can be a Seller?

  • A Seller is the person or entity who owns the securities in the Company or Fund (SecurityHolder) that has an Ecosystem operating with PrimaryMarkets.
  • A Seller does not need to be a sophisticated, wholesale, professional, institutional, accredited or experienced investor.

Who Can be a Buyer?

  • A Buyer needs to be a Sophisticated, Wholesale, Professional, Institutional or Experienced Investor.
  • To be classified a Wholesale or Sophisticated Investor a Buyer must have:
    • Gross personal income over the last 2 years of A$250,000+; or
    • Net assets of AUD $2.5million+; and
    • Completed our online Buyer Status Verification.
  • If a Buyer is not able to satisfy the one of the tests to be a Sophisticated, Wholesale, Professional, Institutional or Experienced Investor then that person or entity can still purchase securities offered in the Ecosystem by using the services of a duly licenced Intermediary such as a stockbroker.
  • If you have any questions about whether you can be a Buyer within this Ecosystem please contact us -

A duly licenced Broker can be a Buyer.

  • A Buyer can be a person or entity who holds the necessary AFSL licence such as a Stockbroker.
  • PrimaryMarkets works closely with numerous Intermediaries and stockbrokers and we can introduce a stockbroker if requested -

Why the need to restrict “retail” investors from being permitted Buyers in our Trading Hubs?

  • Securities traded in our Ecosystems do not have an ASIC approved Prospectus or Product Disclosure Statement.
  • As such, it would be in breach of ASIC requirements if we were to permit retail investors to become Buyers unless they deal through a duly licenced intermediary such as a stockbroker.

Trading Liquidity in our Trading Hubs for former listed entities.

  • Companies/Funds that previously have been or currently are listed with traditional stock exchanges such as ASX generally have poor trading statistics, limited liquidity and virtually no coverage from the broking community.
  • Our Trading Hubs are designed to create a greater level of market awareness especially via the promotion of each Trading Hub through our EDMs (electronic/email digital marketing) and on the front page of our Platform.
  • Some SecurityHolders hold small parcels of securities that under ASX trading rules were considered to be unmarketable holdings (less than A$500.00 in value) and could not be transacted on the ASX trading platform.
  • Our Trading Hubs have no such restriction on the share parcel size or value that may be offered for sale through our Ecosystems (i.e. no minimum or maximum restrictions on volume or value of securities to be offered by a Seller or Buyer).


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