Secondary Trading

PrimaryMarkets provides SECURE, CONTROLLED and private trading hubs for securityholders of Companies and Funds.

PrimaryMarkets operates private trading hubs for blue-chip unlisted companies and funds to facilitate secondary trading (buying and selling) of issued securities.


How do unlisted entities support secondary trading for their security holders without using a PrimaryMarkets Trading Hub?

Today, an unlisted Company or unlisted Trust (Entity) with a wide shareholder/unitholder base usually comprised of early stage investors, supportive securityholders or current and former employees has no formal mechanism for these existing securityholders who want to sell their securities.

Securityholders realistically do not have any real means of independent price discovery for the value of their securities nor a repository to access current corporate documents.

PrimaryMarkets can provide the platform for companies to create an orderly and informed environment marketplace for its securityholders to trade with transparency, independence, confidence and confidentiality.

Features of a PrimaryMarkets Trading Hub

  • Dedicated and Private: Private Trading Hub – fully customised platform accessible only to those the Entity wishes, for each Company/Trust and its securityholders.
  • Investor Resources: the Entity Company determines which information is made available (e.g. accounts, investor presentations, research notes)
  • Flexible Share Trading Rules: ensures adherence to all the trading rules advised by the Company Entity
  • Transaction controls: timing, conditions of sale, access to greater PrimaryMarkets Network can be determined by the Company (or if permitted, by each seller)
  • Transparency: full management and monitoring of transactions by the Entity Company
  • Dedicated Customer support: online and offline assistance from the PrimaryMarkets account managers
  • Integrated processes for settlement and Share registration: full service solution for the Entity Company and its securityholders
  • PrimaryMarkets Escrow: online administration for settlement and clearing of transactions
  • Targeted Investors: access to PrimaryMarkets’ institutional, accredited, wholesale and professional Investor Network

The Entity Company/Fund determines if trading is to be:

  1. Limited to only existing securityholders;
  2. Permit Company/Fund “Qualified Buyers” to participate; or
  3. Permits third-party investors to be Buyers i.e. access to PrimaryMarkets’ Investor Network

Multiple Trading Hubs provided by PrimaryMarkets

Following the success of this first Trading Hub for the Blackwall Property Funds, PrimaryMarkets now has multiple Trading Hubs either in place or under construction for unlisted Companies and Trusts across a diverse range of industries.


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