Non-Executive Director

Brett Spork has 35+ years of experience in the financial markets industry as a trader, advisor and senior manager both within Australia and overseas.

From 2003 to 2007, Brett was the Chief Executive Officer of E*Trade Australia Limited (a significant innovator in the delivery of online wealth management products and its clients included retail investors, institutions and third party intermediaries).

Before joining E*Trade Australia, Brett worked at Macquarie Bank for 14 years, the latter part as an Executive Director of Macquarie Financial Services. Also, Brett was previously CEO of both InvestorFirst Limited and BTIG Australia Limited. In 2004, Brett was recognised by the Australian Stockbrokers Foundation and admitted to the “Hall of Fame”.

Brett is Chairman of PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund and a Non-Executive Director of PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund and Clime Capital. Brett currently provides consulting services to a broad range of financial and academic institutions. Such consulting services comprise the provision of commercial, business development and regulatory advice.

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