Past Offers

Game Industry - Blockchain-based Rebate and App Store - ICO

This Singapore-based Company, founded by Japanese, has created an integrated wallet, rebate system and App store for the game industry. ....
Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD ICO – Details available upon request

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PM Capital Go2025 (PTrackERS) - Next Generation LIC Securities

PM Capital is a market leading and award winning global equities manager. This Global Opportunities Fund and its subsidiary are issuing a next generation LIC security designed especially for retail investors.....
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Issue Price A$1.40

Categories: Funds, Managed

Venture Capital Opportunities Fund - Capital Raising - Unlisted Partly Paid Units

Venture Capital is ordinarily the province of high net worth and sophisticated investors by virtue of the large individual capital commitments required and as a result of the high-risk profile of such investments.....
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.80 per Unit to raise up to A$80M

Categories: Funds, Managed

Home Services Marketplace (Post Revenue) - Seed Round

Subscription-based marketplace targeting the A$15B home services and maintenance market. The Company connects clients with a butler/cleaner to manage their home errands, primarily home cleaning......
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $500,000 (50% already raised from angel and VC investors)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

P2P Tutoring Platform - Capital Raising

CLOSING SOON - A$75k left to raise – VYGO - P2P Tutoring Platform – Partnered with Two Major Universities: the AUS-based company has developed a mobile P2P learning platform that helps university institutions engage, support and retain their students.

By deploying local tutoring marketplaces, the company allows struggling students to connect directly with quality tutors who have recently passed their exact classes. After releasing their mobile application last year, the company has signed contracts with two major university institutions, amassed over 3,500+ students and facilitated 1,500+ hours of tutoring.

The company is now raising a pre-seed investment round of $250k (70% filled - Val of $2m) to fuel Australian growth before moving into international markets.
Status: Closed

Price Guide:  A$75,000 (70% filled - Val A$2M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

High Growth OTC Pharmaceutical Business - Capital Raise

The Company is an owner and distributor of a portfolio of differentiated, cash-generative OTC pharmaceutical brands.......
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $5M (A$3.5M minimum oversubscibed at A$4.1M) – Pre-money EV of A$11.7M

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

BKI Investment Company Ltd - LIC - Capital Raising

BKI is a listed investment company, which provides a simple and transparent way to invest in a portfolio of ASX listed companies. BKI has a long track record of delivering positive returns to shareholders. The company has a history of paying steadily increasing fully Franked dividends over time and as at 30 April 2018, BKI’s Franked Dividend Yield was 4.9% while the Grossed-Up Dividend Yield was 7.0% (based on the Offer Price of A$1.50 and a tax rate of 30%). All new shares issued under the Offers will rank equally with all ordinary shares of the Company already on issue. Participants in the Offer will be eligible for the final dividend in respect to the 2018 financial year (payable in August 2018).

The Company’s Investment Strategy is based on active equities management that is grounded in research, selecting profitable companies with a history of attractive dividend yields to invest in for the long-term. The Investment Strategy, implemented by Contact, incorporates bottom up stock selection, focusing on the merits of individual companies rather than market and economic trends. The Company aims to generate an increasing income stream for Shareholders in the form of fully Franked dividends and deliver capital growth through long-term investment in a portfolio of stable assets.

Entitlement Offer: 1 for 15 Non-Renounceable Offer to raise up to A$62.2m at an offer price of A$1.50 per New Share
Shortfall Offer: offer to new and existing shareholders to subscribe for the shortfall of the Entitlement Offer
General Offer: subscribe for New Shares to raise up to A$140m at an Offer Price of A$1.50 to both existing and new shareholders.

PDS and Research Reports available to Members.
Status: Closed

Price Guide:  1 for 15 Non-Renounceable Offer to raise up to A$62.2M at an offer price of A$1.50 per new share

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Online platform financing education fees - partnered with 50+ schools

Founded in 2016, this company runs an online platform which provides simple financing solutions to help pay education fees. It was accepted into the H2 Ventures fintech accelerator cohort in mid-2016 and has since received A$1M in venture capital. Customers borrow money to pay for education fees and on average repay over a period of 2 years beyond graduation to better manage their cash flows. The company has raised several private debt funds to fund the loan book and recently closed a A$3M tranched securitisation which can be upsized to fund future growth.

The company controls all aspects of underwriting and origination and has partnered with 50+ schools. 800+ families with 1,700+ children have applied for funding since launch. The company has designed the platform to scale across education sectors, products and funding models.

Raising A$1.5M-$2.5M to be deployed in the next 12-18 months – primarily for marketing and growth as well as ongoing development of the tech platform.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Raising $1.5M-$2.5M

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Fort Street Real Estate Capital Fund IV - Australian Commercial Property

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to invest in Fort Street Real Estate Capital Fund IV. Fund IV will invest in select properties through the Fort Street Real Estate Capital Trust IV. The Fund is the fourth in a series, managed by a joint venture between Fort Street Advisers Pty Limited and a related entity of Walsh & Company.

The Series was launched in 2013 to provide investors with a means to invest in Australian commercial property. The first three funds are fully invested and combined, have gross assets of approximately $652M.

Fort Street Real Estate Capital Trust IV will target properties yielding 5-8% per annum, although it may acquire properties outside this range where market conditions and other circumstances suggest that the asset will enhance the expected returns for investors. It should be noted that the Funds distributions may be less than the actual or target return of its assets.

The Responsible Entity intends to make quarterly distributions and are anticipated to commence within 12 months of the first issue of units in the Fund under the Offer.

Offer Closing Date – Tuesday 22 May 2018
Status: Closed

Price Guide:  62.5M Units @ A$1.60 per Unit to raise up to A$100M, with the ability to raise an additional A$100 million through oversubscriptions

Categories: Funds, Managed

Global B2B Marketplace for Off-The-Plan Property - Convertible Note

Launched in Australia in 2013, the Company operates a global B2B marketplace for off-the-plan (OTP) property. The platform connects developers with project marketers, promoting and distributing OTP properties in Australia and across the world through real estate agents, financial planners and advisors......
Status: Closed

Price Guide:  Raising A$1.5m Convertible Note (A$400k committed)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

FinTech Helping Millennials Save for Their First Home

This Sydney-based company has developed a disruptive technology platform targeting millennials saving the deposit for their first home......
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Raising A$1.5m
(A$625K already committed) - Closing Soon

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Rural Strategy Property Equity Fund

The Strategy Fund is a syndicate methodology to acquire equity interests in quality agricultural properties enabling investors to directly participate in this vital and vibrant industry.

Using the latest internet technology and equity market concepts such as Separately Managed Accounts and Multi-Level Managed Investment Schemes, Investors will have an interest in the property which will be leased back to the Vendor of the relevant farm or normal commercial returns and terms and conditions.

Investors take NIL farming risk as this is purely an investment via a managed fund into productive rural real estate. Any default by the farm lease holder is identical to a tenant defaulting in a rented property.

Targeted long-term returns:

• Capital Growth – circa 6% p.a.
• Rental Income – circa 4% p.a.

The Fund is a duly licenced managed investment fund that enables Investors to select properties of their choice in which they would like exposure to.

When sufficient funds have been raised in each relevant sub-fund the property is then purchased in the name of the sub-fund and Investors are issued units in proportion to the amount they invested.

The Fund simulates an investment in property, carrying out the due diligence process of conveyancing, valuation and property inspection but through a regulated structure enabling multiple investors to “own” a share of the property.

A liquidity facility is offered by the Fund Manager that enables investors who wish to liquidate their investment at any time to potentially sell their units to other investors.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD POA

Categories: Funds, Managed

Private Equity Fund - Unlisted partly paid units - A$100M

A private equity Fund focused on US small-cap private equity funds and direct company investments. The Fund is the fourth in a series, managed by a joint venture between the private investment arm of a highly successful US based Family Office and a related entity of an Australian based specialist global fund manager that has over A$5.2B client assets under management. The Fund is established to allow individual investors access to a Family Office style of investing in US-focused, private investment funds.

The objective is to give investors exposure to a portfolio of investments in small and mid-market private investment funds and privately held companies predominantly focused in the US with capital growth over a 5 to 10-year horizon.

Offer Closing Date – 27 March 2018.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD 62.5 million units @ offer price $1.60 per unit to raise A$100M. The first instalment of $0.32 per unit is payable upon application.

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Video Wall Software Company – Capital Raising

Founded in 1999, this software company specializes in video walls, digital signage and interactive displays. Its software turns a standard PC into a high-end video wall controller/processor, allowing organizations to centrally manage intelligent interactive displays with exceptional performance at the lowest cost on the market.

From interactive video walls, to artistic, mosaic-style video walls, or control room video walls, the technology replaces conventional high-end video wall controllers and video wall processors, making it even easier and cost effective to manage content, synchronize and add artificial intelligence (AI) to displays.

This is very much disruptive technology and the company have already had some significant success with the first rollout into McDonalds Corporation (MCD) having successfully moved through the Beta testing stage in Australia to now being rolled out onto the rest of MCD franchises globally.

To date, the Company has provided more than 1 million displays in over 100 countries and works with standard PC hardware and client devices. The Company was “Highly Commended” for Digital Signage Product of the Year at the 2015 AV Awards.

The company is raising $6.23m (pre-money valuation CAD$18.75m) to grow its personnel and revise its marketing program to crystalize identified opportunities in Asian & European markets.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: CAD Raising CAD$6.23m at a pre-money valuation of CAD$18.75m

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

SIV Compliant VCLP Fund – target 20% net IRR

Opportunity to invest in a registered Venture Capital Limited Partnership (the “Fund”) designed specifically for Significant Investor Visa (“SIV”) applicants. The Fund is managed by a leading Asia Pacific private equity investor with over A$5B in funds under management (“FUM”) and a 20-year track record of investing on behalf of leading Australian institutions.

The Fund is targeting a 20% net IRR while ensuring compliance with the Australian Government SIV program’s complying investment framework and all other relevant regulations. The SIV-complying Fund will invest in later stage growth capital and small to mid-cap private equity buyout transactions rather than venture capital. The Fund seeks to invest both directly and through co-investment opportunities with Australia’s top tier private equity funds.

Established in November 2016 the Fund has raised A$20M to date and made 4 investments. The Fund is targeting a final close of A$30M and a final closing date not later than 31 December 2018.
Status: Closed

Price Guide:  Targeting a final close of A$30M. ~A$20M raised to date.

Categories: Funds, Managed

Iconic International Swimwear Brand - Final Round

The Company has experienced impressive Australian Summer sales through both online and ‘bricks and mortar’ channels. Product return rates are very low and qualitative feedback has been very positive.

This capital raise is the final raise before it hits profitability and accesses more liquid growth capital channels.

Stock is already made for the Northern Hemisphere Summer and will be shipped to the EU and USA in March.

Next Australian Summer planning is progressing well with negotiations ongoing with major retailers.

An international-facing, Australian swimwear brand for fashion conscious women aged 25-40, who aspire to the stylish spirit of Bondi Beach. The Company is led by industry leading Marketing and Production Executives with 45+ years combined experience in governance, logistics, marketing and sales.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Raising A$250,000

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Evans & Partners Global Disruption Fund - A$13.25M - Placement

Evans and Partners Investment Management Pty Limited is the Investment Manager for the Global Disruption Fund and is pleased to announce a follow-on capital raising for Units in the Fund.

The Fund aims to provide investors with capital growth over the long-term through exposure to companies that will benefit from disruptive innovation. This Fund will seek to invest in a portfolio of companies that have proven abilities to disrupt, and continue to disrupt, existing markets, industries, and companies as well as a selection of smaller innovators who have the potential to successfully disrupt existing industries and companies.

The Evans & Partners Global Disruption Fund will seek to invest in a portfolio of companies that have proven abilities to disrupt, and continue to disrupt, existing markets, industries, and companies as well as a selection of smaller innovators who have the potential to successfully disrupt existing industries and companies. The Fund is a unit trust which has been registered as a managed investment scheme under the Corporations Act and will apply to be listed on the ASX as an investment entity.

Key Dates
  • Offer Opening Date – 4 December, 2017
  • Offer Closing Date – 8 December, 2017
  • Issue Date – 14 December, 2017
  • Trading expected to commence on the ASX – 19 December, 2017
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD 7.2M Units @ $1.84 per Unit to raise up to $13.25M

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Explosive Trace Detection System - Capital Raising

Read the latest business development highlights in the Member Section by clicking on Get More Details

To View a Corporate Video and a Webinar with the company CEO click on Get More Details

This Australian company has launched the world’s first explosive trace detection (“ETD”) system to detect trace amounts of home-made inorganic explosives. There is no ETD system that detects inorganic explosives currently in the global US$1b ETD market, yet inorganic explosives are the main threat in many countries.

The technology has been successfully evaluated by global regulators (Fraunhofer / German Federal Police) and major manufacturers (Smiths Detection, the global leader in aviation security) following over a decade of R&D involving security agencies and research institutions in the US, Australia and Europe.

The core team of business and market development personnel in US and Australia are in place, with the first product release in mid 2018.

Raising A$6m to transfer the product to production, establish initial manufacturing facilities, and strengthen sales and service channels.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Up to A$6M capital raising


Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Hospital Bed Transfer Systems - Capital Raising

Workplace injuries caused from manually moving patients in beds, stretchers and other heavy objects contributes to $20B in the global cost of healthcare with an average cost per injury of $45,000.

This award winning Australian unlisted public company are helping to put an end to workplace injuries and patient transfer challenges. The Company’s bed moving products are designated as Class I Medical Devices in Australia and Europe and Class II Medical Devices in the USA. Quickly gaining acceptance across hospitals in Australia, Canada, the UK, Europe and the Middle East, their most recent electric bed mover is the first of its kind to be compatible with over 95% of all globally available acute beds and many stretchers.

Helping to put an end to back injuries and patient transfer challenges across the globe this company has built strategic relationships with the world’s largest bed manufacturer and other hospital bed manufacturers around the world with over 1,000 units already sold in 15 countries.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $550,000 Equity Capital Raise (A$50,000 already subscribed)

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New Energy Solar Ltd - IPO - Sustainable Investment Business

Award-winning sustainable investment business focused on investing in large-scale solar power plants and associated assets that generate emissions-free power. The Business currently focuses on assets with contracted cash flows in the US and Australia.

The Company and the Responsible Entity are offering to issue new stapled securities to raise between $100M and $200M. For every two Stapled Securities subscribed for, the Responsible Entity will issue one Class A Option and one Class B Option.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Indicative Price Range $1.45-$1.55 per Stapled Securities & Options to raise $100M up to A$200M - ***FULLY SUBSCRIBED***

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Frontier Diamonds - IPO Offering

Frontier Diamonds Limited, is an unlisted public company listing on the ASX. The Company’s current focus is largely on two operating diamond mines in South Africa – Star and Sedibeng. The Company is utilising their extensive expertise in engineering services and operations to make productivity improvements at these two operations, which have good grades, produce relatively high value diamonds and have resources to last at least 15 years. The Company is also actively looking at other opportunities in its strategy to grow into a significant producer of high quality diamonds.

Key Offer Details
    IPO New Shares
  • Up to 30,000,000
  • IPO price per shar
  • A$0.20
  • Total number of Shares on issue upon IP
  • 209.6M
  • Gross proceeds to the Public Offer
  • Minimum - A$4,000,000
  • Maximum – A$6,000,000
Closing Date of the Public Offer – 8 December 2017

IPO Prospectus available.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD IPO Raising A$4M at A$0.20 per share (plus oversubscriptions up to A$2M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Vertically Integrated Marijuana Business – Expansion Capital Raising

The Company is a US-based vertically integrated business looking to capitalise on the legalisation of marijuana. It builds, manages and operates cultivation, production and retail distribution assets within the cannabis industry.

The legal cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in the USA, with the market estimated to reach $29bn by 2019. Initial focus will be in Nevada, which legalised recreational marijuana use in July 2017 and expects tourism to exceed 50 million visitors in 2018, providing growth opportunities in all cannabis related industries. There are estimates that the Nevada market will grow from $52M last year to over $1B in the near future.

The Company is raising money to transform an existing building into a 2,400 m2 state-of-the-art marijuana indoor grow facility and will be part of the of the worlds first cannabis campus museum and retail dispensary located a blocks from the famous Las Vegas Boulevard. Cultivation, production and retails licences already in place and 50% of production already locked into a purchase agreement.

The Securities offered hereby shall be offered to a limited number of “Accredited Investors,” as defined in Rule 501 (a) of Regulation D under the Securities Act.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD Raising US$2.5M @ US$0.75 per share (US$1.5M ALREADY SUBSCRIBED)

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Iron Ore and Gold Mining Company - Pre- Feasibility Round

A high-grade magnetite iron ore deposit (100% owned) in South Australia plus a significant (largest) shareholder (18%) in an ASX listed gold producer and explorer.......

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $6M equity capital raise @ A$0.12 per share with 1 free attaching option for every 2 shares issued (pre-money capitalisation A$24.1M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Infrastructure Services Provider - A$25M Debt Notes

This Australian unlisted Company established 12+ years ago is Australasia’s Leading Specialised Infrastructure Services Provider to Federal and State Governments, road authorities, local councils, private road operators, engineering, civil and construction contractors. This Company is the number one road infrastructure services player, specialising in the traffic management and control market in Australia and New Zealand.

Indicative Terms

• Interest Rate – BBSW + 6.8% first 3 years then BBSW + 4% thereafter
• Term – 12 years
• Ranking – Notes are unsecured debt obligations which rank equally

Minimum investment A$100,000.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $25M – Debt Notes ***FULLY SUBSCRIBED***

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Winemakers Marketplace - Growth Capital Raising

Online marketplace connecting independent Australian wineries with sophisticated and aspirational wine consumers. This Australian private Company is already generating revenue, has a customer base of over 2,400 members (growing at 29% per month) and provides an online marketing and sales platform for independent winemakers. The Company already has 14 wineries on board and many more in the pipeline for the next few months.

The Company addresses the niche and growing market of sophisticated and aspirational wine lovers. It is well positioned to deeply penetrate the highest profit segment of the A$5B Australian wine industry.

The Company is looking to raise growth equity to expand the sales and product development team, deploy additional data and customer analytic capabilities and enhance its technology capabilities.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Raising up to A$750,000

***A$125,000 Already Raised***

Closing March 9th 2018

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Coal Export Terminal – Block Trade Preference Shares (face value A$81.5M)

Expressions of interest are sought for the block trade of issued Preference Shares in the parent unlisted Australian Company owning a Queensland Coal Export Terminal.

The terminal provides 27M tonnes per annum of new export coal capacity and can expand to a total of approximately 120M tonnes per annum of long-term export capacity from the existing site when fully developed.

EOI - The Preference Shares for sale represent 14.55% of total on issue and have a face value of A$81.5M.

Full data room available. All parties registering an interest will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD EOI

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Block Trade - ASX listed Plant-based Wellness Company

This ASX listed Australian Company investment highlights:
  • Specialist commercial producer of plant derived products: nutraceuticals, medicinal cannabis and aqua and animal feed products
  • State-of-the-art international growing facility - producing multiple high-demand species
  • Partnership with an international bioscience company to develop a highly scalable cannabis business – first ‘cash growth cycle’ to be planted early September 2017
    Naturally derived product line launched in early 2017 – growing sales pipeline
  • Other non-core assets (solar and biofuels) present additional upside and optionality

  • A block trade opportunity is available to acquire 15M fully tradeable ordinary shares in this ASX listed company. The shares have been priced @ a discount to the current market price.
Status: Open

Price Guide: AUD EOI

Categories: Securities, Listed Exchange Traded

On-boarding SaaS platform - Capital Raising

This Australian private company has developed Australia’s first digital document SaaS platform that allows companies to improve onboarding and self-service features and more efficiently capture and utilise client data. The software provides quick and efficient data interchange which improves client acquisition with better CX outcomes enabled through a truly dynamic user interface.

The platform offers a competitive advantage for business to develop, adapt and deploy an optimised online form in hours or days, not weeks, and allows a business to optimise its online forms and digitise PDFs.

Online Forms are part of everyday business but if not done well they can be the difference in making or breaking a relationship with a customer. Customer experience is paramount. Once deployed the Company’s software gives powerful insights into behaviour and analytics that help pinpoint problem areas and suggest solutions in real time.

Self-service adoption will continue to increase. Gartner predicts that by 2020, a customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.

The Company is raising up to A$1.2M in equity to support sales expansion across Australia.
Status: Open

Price Guide: AUD Up to A$1.2M equity capital raise

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Online Takeaway Food Market Place – ASX IPO Raising up to A$6.8M (minimum A$4.8M)

The Company is a UK-based online and mobile takeaway food marketplace with ~90,000 registered customers and 400 restaurant partners on its platform, and a national UK footprint.
Appetise has a scalable and low capex business model via pureplay marketplace focus. The Company does not provide capital intensive logistics or delivery services.

The global food delivery market is estimated to be A$124 Billion annually. The UK takeaway market is currently estimated at A$10.7 Billion annually, rising to A$12.8 Billion by 2020. The Company believes that it offers a better value proposition to its restaurant partners and customers than its competitors. The Company is backed by a U.S. Institutional investor, with a driven Board and management team including a former MD of the soccer club Arsenal Holdings plc, a former CEO of eBay Australia, and a former Amazon marketplace specialist.

The Company is raising up to A$6.8M (minimum A$4.8M) in an Initial Public Offering on the ASX. The proceeds of the funds will be used for marketing, head office costs, sales staff expansion, software and platform development, IPO expenses and working capital.
The Offer presents an opportunity for investors to gain ground floor investment entry into the fast-growing global market for online takeaway food ordering (~A$100 Billion+), which is otherwise not readily accessible to Australian domestic investors.

Key Dates
• 21 September 2017 – Replacement Prospectus lodged with ASIC
• 22 September 2017 – Opening Date for the IPO
• 27 October 2017 – IPO Closing Date
• 14 November 2017 – Expected first day of trading on the ASX

A Replacement Prospectus and investor presentation will be made available to interested parties.

Minimum application amount per investor is A$2,000 (10,000 Shares).
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD IPO @ A$0.20 per share to raise up to A$6.8M (minimum A$4.8M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

IoT Industrial Materials Company - Growth Capital Round

To View a Webinar with the company CEO click on Get More Details

This Australian Company is an Internet of Things technology company. It has developed proprietary technology to make fabrics “smart” (i.e. able to communicate) using graphene. Instead of sensing anywhere – using individual sensors with individual needs for power and networking, this company enables sensing to take place everywhere, in real time, and at low cost. The whole textile becomes the sensor, and the material itself communicates. The Company has developed sensing equipment and is partnering with Amazon Web Services to use its IoT platform to exploit the data it collects.

The Company is the first commercial manufacturer of graphene in Australia with a factory in Geelong, where it can reliably produce commercial quantities of graphene It is the global leader in vertically integrated sensing (from the materials manufacture through to data and information capture).

The Company has licensed its first solution to the largest textile manufacturer in Australia, Geofabrics, and has an agreement to supply it with materials. The Company’s first product has been launched by Geofabrics and successfully installed at an Origin Energy facility in Queensland. There it proved its ability to inexpensively and efficiently identify leaks in containment tanks before their commission.

The Company has a full order book until December 2018 to meet demand from Geofabrics customers. It has received R&D grants from Transurban (to develop pressure sensing for roads) and NERA (to develop sensing components for use in equipment used in mining).

The Company received its first export order in October 2017 from the USA and plans to commence operations there in early 2018 and then expand into global markets in applications in the civil engineering, aerospace, automotive and defence sectors.

The Company was recently accepted into Plug and Play initiatives in both Silicon Valley and Europe which link companies with large corporate partners.  In particular, Startup Autobahn is important because of the automotive sector and the increasing interest from the automotive supply chain to find cost-effective ways to make large areas of the cockpit into sensors.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD 

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Software platform for the commercial drone ecosystem - Early Growth SAFE Capital Raising

With a huge global addressable market this Australian unlisted Company is helping businesses to implement and leverage from the benefit of drone applications.

This unique Australian tech Company offers a software solution that aggregates the best of drone services and functions in a user friendly, easy to access platform that captures, manages and analyses drone footage and data.

Initial focus is in asset management offering asset inspections including solar panel imaging (including machine learning), facade inspection and the sports industry offering real-time video analytics.

The anticipated value of industries that the platform can address in Australia is A$9.7B.

Business Model:
  • Drones as a service with pilot and flight fees; and
  • Software as a service. The company develops bespoke software for target sectors; offering solutions like thermal imaging of solar panels or analytical tools for sports coaches

Offer: New funds will be invested via a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity):

  • A$300,000
  • Investment via SAFE provides early stage investors a 20% discount based on subsequent priced equity round
  • The Company has met the criteria for ESIC (Early Stage Innovation Company) eligibility in 2017.
  • Target next capital raise in mid-2018

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $300,000 @ 20% discount to future priced equity round with a A$3M valuation cap Minimum A$20,000 investment

Categories: Securities, Company Start-Ups

Carbon Credits - Bio-diverse carbon & climate solutions - Existing VCUs

This unique carbon credit trading offer gives Purchasers the opportunity to offset annual carbon emissions.

The carbon credits for sale have been generated under the Verified Carbon Standard and are Voluntary Carbon Units (VCUs) generated in Australia.

This Australian forest project has generated VCUs and is one of the largest private landowner carbon reserves. Its climate change benefits help protect and restore valuable native forests in Australia. The project is integrated into sustainable farming practices, a renewable energy project and eco-tourism ventures.

By purchasing carbon credits landowners are encouraged to develop new and innovative projects that help manage the land in a sustainable way.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD A$10.00 + GST per Voluntary Carbon Unit

Categories: Direct Assets, Commodity and Carbon Trading

Video Email Marketing Company - Early Growth Capital Raising

UPDATE: The Company has recently executed a Global Distribution Agreement with Salesforce and secured new customers including a US cinema chain, a leading ASX-listed retailer and a global music label conglomerate.

This Australian Company operates a patented video marketing platform, with trophy Hollywood customers and early revenues.

Deep IP includes AI-powered video optimisation, using computer-vision and machine learning to algorithmically edit video content for optimal audience engagement.

First product is video email marketing; the platform adds native streaming video into any email on any device – including full screen vertical video, live video streams, and high quality video with sound.

Customers enjoy engagement uplift up to 10x by using this product, and marketing ROI superior to Facebook.

The system works with all leading email platforms. Signed email distribution partners represent total email inventory in excess of 50 billion emails per month.

Worldwide email is a US$20B opportunity, with AI-powered video optimisation opening up the broader video marketing market valued at US$100B.

Highly accredited Board and Management.

• A$1.0M early growth round
• Use of Funds: to build out engineering, product and customer / channel success teams to deliver on pipeline and roadmap.

A$250,000 already subscribed.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Seeking up to A$1.0M (A$250,000 already subscribed)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

US Select Private Opportunities Fund - Placement

The US Select Private Opportunities Fund series has been established to allow individual investors access to a “family office” style of investing in US-based operating businesses via high quality, US-focused, private investment funds.

The Fund is the third in the series and is seeking to take advantage of opportunities identified to invest in additional US small-to-mid sized private investment funds, as well as potential direct investments, consistent with the investment strategy of the Fund. Historically, US private equity has consistently outperformed US public equity over the long term.

The PDS and the Units are issued by Walsh & Company, the Responsible Entity.

Units are to be listed on ASX early September 2017.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.52 per Unit to raise up to A$10.94M (capacity for oversubscriptions)

Categories: Securities, Managed

Multi-Asset Diversified Property Trust – 8% pa Distributions + Capital Growth

This Australian Diversified Property Trust has been established to offer investors a sustainable income with the potential for future capital growth. The Trust has targeted purchases in commercial properties in high profile locations with strong lease covenants, thus providing a reliable income stream and opportunities for growth. All assets in the Trust are 100% leased and provide a strong income stream offering a WALE of 7.2 years from 17 tenants. The new properties are consistent with the Trust’s focus on providing a regular income stream as well as the potential for capital growth.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.02 per unit - A$6.9M equity raise (min. raise A$3.3M) ***FULLY SUBSCRIBED***

Categories: Funds, Unissued Securities

Asset Management & Security Solutions Platform - Capital Raising

This Australian Company provides a comprehensive solution for remote asset management, monitoring and security. It provides solutions for asset owners, manufacturers, distributors/dealers and insurers to ensure the proper management and security of individual assets on land and water, industries currently addressed including marine, automotive, OHS, security and resources.

The Company has a range of devices to fit various types of assets and is working with some of the largest manufacturers and insurers in the world to supply comprehensive solutions to lower the cost of asset management and ownership.

The Company has developed a communications platform that works on all types of mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android etc).

The business model is highly scalable with strong margins and the ability to grow sales rapidly as OEMs align to the products. The Company has expected sales revenue of A$3M+ in FY18.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Up to $1M Capital Raising (Pre-money valuation - $7.42M)

*** 85% SUBSCRIBED ***

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

PrimaryMarkets - Series A Equity Raise

PrimaryMarkets is a global independent marketplace for unlisted assets.

In operation for nearly 2 years, PrimaryMarkets is experiencing significant growth and now raising new capital to expand its technology services and geographies in line with Member demand.

PrimaryMarkets is a platform for:

  • Individual Sellers to find liquidity
  • Individual Buyers to invest in rarely available opportunities
  • Intermediaries that enhances deal flow to their networks and share in commissions for transactions completed with PrimaryMarkets
  • Unlisted companies and funds to raise new capital
  • Unlisted companies and funds through the provision and management of a secondary trading hub or ecosystem for trading in their securities
  • Creating operational efficiencies for the marketing and transacting of unlisted, off-market assets as we evolve to our Unlisteds.Exchange

Some of the highlights of our first 18 months:

  • PrimaryMarkets has reviewed 800+ opportunities with an estimated value of A$2.5B.
  • PrimaryMarkets' Listing Panel has approved and listed on our platform:
    • 160+ opportunities with an estimated value of A$1B
    • Sourced from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and the USA statistics support our platform as a strong source for investments:
  • Investor Network - 29,000+ (70% within Australia)
  • Value of Listings on platform at present - A$720M+
  • Average unique visitors per day - 300+
  • Already completed 150+ transactions since our launch.

PrimaryMarkets is now completing its Series A Capital Raising and we invite our Investor Network to invest in us and become a part of our exciting future as we build to a truly global unlisted securities exchange.

Please note: participation only open to Wholesale, Professional, Sophisticated, Institutional, Accredited and QIB Investors.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $3M Equity Capital Raising @ A$0.10 per share (Pre-money valuation - $6.7M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.00 per unit A$50M total equity raise.
Fully Subscribed

Categories: Funds, Property

Music Metadata Platform - global, centralised source of verified music industry credits and metadata - Series A Equity Raising

Founded in 2013 by Australian music industry experts, the company is creating the IMDb of music. It has partnered with global music industry bodies and recording labels to be the official provider of music credits, liner notes, market, chart and news data to music professionals and consumers.

UPDATE: In August 2017, the Company signed a data partnership agreement to be the official reference source for a pre-eminent global music industry body.

Over 60 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) agreed with data partners including tier 1 international recording labels and industry bodies. Following successful beta testing in 2017, the platform will launch a subscription based B2B platform and API / Data Feed in Q1 2018 aimed at music professionals. This will be followed by a B2C offering.

This Australian Holding Company is seeking to raise A$3.1M with the proceeds used for platform development, executing its go-to-market strategy and for general working capital.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Raising up to A$3.1M (US$2.5M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

ASX Listed Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Group - Convertible Note - 10% yield

This ASX-listed company has established itself as a leading data analytics and business intelligence group with a growing presence in business‑to‑business (B2B) and business‑to‑consumer (B2C) markets.
The Company helps businesses link data to business outcomes and revenue growth in an efficient way. It has a significant presence in the retail industry supporting both shoppers and retailers to better shopping experiences. The Company provides three key services:

• Data & Analytics
• Loyalty & Engagement
• Insights & Recommendations

The Company achieved revenue of A$8.5M in FY16 and recent acquisitions and strong performing overseas subsidiaries have the company well placed for future growth.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $2.5M Convertible Note (88% Already Committed) - 12 month term / 10% yield - Conversion at 1.2 cents (A$0.012) per share

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Next Generation Life Support - Neonatal & Anaesthetics Medical Equipment Supplier – Capital Raising

The Company is a medical device company focused on the development and commercialisation of effective respiratory and airway solutions targeted at the new born, infants and children neonatal and anaesthetics markets as air leakage in standard resuscitation masks is a critical problem facing midwives and doctors.

The Company aims to become a global leader in developing and selling the next generation of neonatal resuscitation and ventilation masks that provide effective sealing without the need for operator intervention techniques to seal, which is currently the practice.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $2.8M equity capital raise at A$0.90 per share (Pre-offer valuation of A$11.2M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Music Licensing Platform - Existing Shares

UPDATE: Since the launch of the latest version of the platform in June, the Company has enjoyed significant growth in revenue and participation metrics. Monthly average page views have increased 450% with revenue growing to approximately 2,000 paid monthly subscribers and over 7,000 transaction completed since the launch.

The Company is already the fastest growing music licensing platform in the world, delivering brands, apps, TV and film makers commercial music directly from artists, songwriters and catalogues.

The platform also provides all the tools music creators need to monetise their music in one location.

The platform exploits the increasing supply/creation of music by providing access/visibility to B2B licensees, with competitive value/pricing, and the ability to promptly clear rights.

Open only to:
QIBs (Qualified Institutional Buyer) - Entity with >USD$100M
Qualified Purchasers - Liquid net worth >USD$5M
Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD EOI - US$5.00 per share (17% discount to current equity raise)

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

VINEX - Global Bulk Wine Trading Marketplace - Existing Shares

This Australian Company is re-shaping the global bulk wine sector by engaging the industry with a comprehensive web-based B2B trading solution.......
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $0.25 per share

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Indonesian Coking Coal - Mine Commissioning

This Australian mineral exploration company is an exciting opportunity to invest in an existing coal mine that is to be listed on ASX. (Estimated market cap on RTO A$44M)
  • All mining permits and export license in place
  • Mine is located in the coal producing region of central Kalimantan
  • The concession is surrounded by a number of coking coal producing mines that export their product to international markets, namely Japan, Korea and southern China
  • Experienced management team
  • Significant positive cashflow expected from mining activities within 12 months
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $2M Stapled Bridging Finance - Automatically converts into shares at the completion of the RTO (expected within 6 months) post mine commissioning at 115% of Face Value plus attaching options, failing which it will be repayable in 12 months.

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Realise Tax Losses by Selling Unlisted or Illiquid Shares before 30 June 2018

Take advantage of the PrimaryMarkets platform to sell all or some of your existing shares/units/securities to realise tax losses before 30 June.........
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD EOI

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Greenfield diesel refinery in Australian Refined Fuels Sector - Equity Project Finance

This Singapore-based Company will acquire and fund the development of a greenfield refinery site in Australia to service domestic demand and take advantage of key strategic features.
• Demand for diesel that is widely used in agriculture and mining – whereby 60% of diesel is imported and forecast to increase to 80% as existing 50 year old domestic refineries close;
• Location near market reduces downstream costs – diesel market of 7B litres serviceable by road from the refinery and access to deep-water port allows delivery of larger more cost efficient cargoes;
• Limited alternative sources due to environmental regulations pertaining to the region resulting in high cost Asian diesel imports; and
• Option to expand next to existing site creating local trading hub.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD $22 Million Equity Project Finance @ US$100 per share (Pre-money valuation of US$2.4M)

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Industrial scale Manufacturing and Wholesaling Alcohol Industry - Growth Capital Raising

A unique opportunity to participate in a innovative wholesale and manufacturing alcohol industry venture delivering significant potential solid short to long term investor yields.

The company has been funded by the founding shareholders for the last 3 years during planning and business design phase. The Sydney Rum Distillery (SRD) is now at the next stage of growth over the following 3 years to raise capital to develop the distillery and acquire a wholesale non-distilling business prior to a possible trade sale/IPO.

SRD vision is to produce innovative quality molasses based products/brands for the global market.The company is seeking capital to:

• build a sustainable, world’s best practice rum distillery for the production of exceptional premium rum for discerning global spirit drinkers.
• acquire an existing world renowned rum brand and supply/distribution contracts going out 5 years.
• further research/ development and launching of a range of rum based cocktail/juice experiences for the premium global market.

Rum is third largest spirit category in Australia, headed by whisky and accounts for 13.5% of total consumption.Recent growth in the premium segment exceeds 15% p.a. and this trend is expected to be a long term driver in premium rum and brown spirits.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $5 Million Growth Capital Raising (minimum investment A$50,000) - Pre-money Valuation A$5.2M

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Oyster Marketing & Production Company - Expansion Capital Raising

UPDATE: The Company has reached agreement on the purchase of its second farm on the NSW South Coast. Weekly sales continue to exceed projections building on the momentum of a successful 2016-17 financial year when just over 200,000 doz oysters were marketed - a 10 fold increase on the previous year.

Quality and consistency remain its competitive advantages.  Oysters were purchased from 40 growers during the year with the target for more growers supplying more of their output in the year ahead.

The Company is forecast to more than double sales in 2017-18 to nearly 500,000 doz and this will be supported by a shift to a 'hub and spoke' distribution model - using boutique/high-end agents and distributors rather than making direct deliveries to individual restaurants.

The Company exchanged contracts on the first target acquisition farm and placed an order to purchase 4000 new floating bag production units to add to the farm’s production assets and infrastructure. This will generate a 50% increase in production by 2018.

This Australian company is building a vertically integrated oyster business and is raising expansion capital to fund the purchase, upgrade and operation of existing oyster growing businesses located in NSW.  
The company continues due diligence and negotiation on several other target properties in NSW and expects further acquisitions to be completed in H2 2017.

This investment opportunity allows for economies of scale across production, technology advances, marketing and distribution which will boost productivity and profitability.  There are considerable first mover advantages through creating this multi-farm vertically integrated oyster businesses in Australia.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $10M - minimum subscription of AUD$50,000 @ AUD $1.00 per share (pre-money valuation - A$3.3M)

A$3M Already Subscribed

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Bottled Water Company - Growth Round Raising

An opportunity to invest in Northern Australia's only Bottled Water Company – strategically positioned to dominate market share in Northern Australia and leverage proximity to expansive Asia markets.

The Company owns the water source. The water is pure artesian water, free from chemicals and additives.

The Company owns and operates all its own assets, plant and equipment including a A$20M “state of the art” facility featuring:
• In-house bottling lines consisting of PET, Glass and bulk (5l & 10l).
• PET and HDPE bottles are blown onsite.
• Full carbonation plant for the production of sparkling water and other carbonated beverages, allowing for future product diversification.

The global bottled water market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2016 to 2022. (Allied Market Research)

The Company seeks capital to support growth in sales through investment in production equipment and distribution channels.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $4M @ A$1.00 per share (A$6M pre-money valuation)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Global Manganese Producer– Existing shares (Pre-ASX Relisting)

A top 5 global producer of manganese. This currently unlisted Australian public company has a portfolio of manganese projects in both Australia and South Africa. A group of existing shareholders are seeking liquidity after a recent successful Company buyback program which was restricted to 6% of the shares in the Company @ ~A$0.36 per share, valuing the company at ~A$743M in implied market capitalisation.

On 21 Dec 2017, the Company announced the appointment of brokers to execute its targeted relisting on ASX in 2018.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD EOI - recent buyback @ ~A$0.36 per share (~A$743M implied market cap)

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Tin/Lithium Exploration and Development Company - Existing Shares

An unlisted German Company (which was originally an Australian Unlisted Company) focuses on the exploration and development of tin/lithium projects via its 100% ownership of 2 historically prospective tenement areas in Germany.

Recent exploration has upgraded non-JORC Resources to JORC standard at 2 of the deposits. Company has entered into MOU with Australian ASX listed company for lithium potential.

This is a sale of founding seed shareholders’ minority shareholding in the unlisted German Company.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD POA

Categories: Securities, Mining / Oil / Gas Tenements

App Creation and distribution Platform - Series B Capital Raising

The Company has developed a platform that uniquely enables organizations to curate, distribute and manage mobile apps without the requirement to do so through the App stores where over 90% of the Apps are never downloaded. The Company allows all organisations to claim a share of the most valuable real estate in the world - that of the smartphone home screen more easily (go live instantly), more efficiently (distribute by sms, email and social media) and more cost-effectively (App stores typically charge 30% royalty).

15,000 Apps have been created already with customers including large multinational corporations.

The Company has last raised new equity of A$3.5M @ pre-money valuation A$15M.

The proceeds of the raise will be used to:
  • Fund targeted, phased overseas expansion both direct and through licensees
  • Execute global mainstream and digital marketing campaigns
  • Expand management team to support growth
  • Support further platform enhancements

The recording of our Webinar with the CEO is now available - access it here.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $5M @ A$13.95 per share (A$2M already raised on a pre-money valuation A$18.5M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Global Marketplace for Film & Television Rights Licensing – Series A Capital Raising

This USA company has developed an exclusive search engine for the distribution and sale of rights for Film, TV and Digital Content:

The current market sees 73% of film and television rights remaining unsold in the first 5 years. Their Marketplace as a service platform speeds up the sales cycle from an average 6 months to 6 days, and as a consequence, delivers a higher volume of deals and lower administration costs.

Open only to:
QIBs (Qualified Institutional Buyer) - Entity with >USD$100M
Qualified Purchasers - Liquid net worth >USD$5M

The recording of our Webinar with the CEO is now available - access it here.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD $2.5M Series A Capital Raise (USD$10M pre-money valuation)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Data Analytics Product Company - 17 year track record with Tier 1 customers - A$2M Growth Round

Established data analytics company with strong financial services expertise:

- 17 year track record with tier 1 customers in finance, government, property, and resources

- Current revenue generated from licencing our products and data analytics implementation

- The Company has a suite of innovative data products. Mature products include:

1. Contract Risk Workbench - cloud hosted, subscription or pay per use product. Global $10B market

2. Compliance Risk Workbench - cloud or onsite, subscription or licence fee. Global $120B market.

3. Data Analytics Product.

- The company has developed and owns the IP to all their products. They also have a pipeline of additional risk analytics products for future commercialisation.

- Experienced management team with solid track record and pedigree

The Australian Company is seeking to raise A$2M to scale global revenue from the Contract Risk and Compliance Risk products. The Company is currently 100% owned by its Founders and has re-invested its profits into product development, providing its own seed and early stage capital. This offer represents a unique opportunity for external investors to participate in the growth of a well-managed company operating in a fast growing global industry.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD 2M equity capital raising (AUD$10M pre-money valuation)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Sleep Disorders Platform

Australian Company has developed highly personalised and comprehensive online sleep health platform that complements the growing awareness and adoption of wellness programs globally.

Delivering engaging sleep education content and differentiating themselves by providing sleep hygiene and insomnia programs online and sleep disorder screening, diagnosis and treatment at scale to four main channels:
  • Organisations running corporate health and wellbeing programs
  • Health and life insurance companies
  • The health platforms that also service these clients
  • Consumers direct
The company has spent 18 months creating, developing and testing the technology and are in negotiations or have entered into agreements with a number of large organisations and health platforms to implement in 2017.

An additional 600,000 shares will be issued which represent 16.67% of equity.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $0.50 per share to raise AUD$300,000 (pre-money valuation of AUD$1.5M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Water Powered Battery Company - Growth Capital Round

This Australian Company has developed and patented a technology to produce a water-powered ecologically friendly fuel cell that will retain its power over an extended time frame without degrading. The new Power Cell will run a torch for over 200 hours equivalent to 90 (standard carbon) AA batteries. The Company has already appointed a number of local and international distributors.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.0M Equity Raise - Minimum subscription of A$10,000 (pre-money EV of A$13.2M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Switzer Dividend Growth Fund - Exchange Traded Managed Fund - IPO (ASX:SWTZ)

The Switzer Dividend Growth Fund ("SDGF" or the "Fund") is an Australian registered managed investment scheme and unit trust. The Fund aims to provide Australian resident investors with tax effective income and long term capital growth by investing in a core portfolio of blue-chip Australian shares.

The Fund's investment objective is to deliver capital returns in line with the market while providing investors with an attractive income stream paid quarterly that is franked to a material extent.

The portfolio will be managed by Switzer Asset Management Limited. The portfolio will be managed by an investment Committee comprised of some of Australia's leading investment experts, including Peter Switzer, Charlie Aitken, George Boubouras and Paul Rickard. The Investment Committee will be supported by the team at Contango Asset Management.

The Fund will be Switzer's first Australian equity fund to be quoted on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), and will trade under the ASX Code SWTZ. Minimum Amount to be raised under the IPO is AUD$10 million.

Firm Bids for priority subscription should be submitted to PrimaryMarkets before 5pm on Friday, 17 February 2017 (AEDT).
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $2.50 per Unit

Categories: Funds, Managed

WANTED: ASX Listed Shell Company

An Asian based Company (Acquirer) is looking to transact a Reverse Takeover (RTO) of an ASX Listed Company. The Target Company must be fully compliant. The Acquirer will be bringing its own fund raising capabilities to ensure a sound future for the businesses of the then listed Company.

The Acquirer is led by a group of experienced Asia-based executives with non-Australian operational and investment track records and are now targeting an acquisition in Australia with a broad mandate. The ownership structure and terms are to be mutually agreed. If you are aware of any such investment opportunities please contact us or submit a below inquiry.

Minimum cash at bank AUD$2,000,000.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Price on Application

Categories: Direct Assets, Trusts and Syndicates

Apple Premium Reseller - ASX Listed - Retail, Enterprise and Education Markets - Unlisted Convertible Note @ 9% p.a.

This ASX Listed Company is offering Unlisted Convertible Notes. Funds raised will be used for the proposed acquisition of retail operations, assets, business and rights of 17 Apple Premium / Authorised Reseller stores across major Indonesian metropolitan locations and for additional working capital.

The company listed on the ASX in January 2015, and has since expanded to B2B markets by providing bundled services to SMEs, multi-national corporations as well to Education providers driven by strong student demand. The Company has achieved an ROI of ~30% over the last 3 financial years. Pro-forma FY15 Revenue A$74.11M and EBITDA A$4.96M.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $7.5M Convertible Note @ 9% p.a. (36 Month Term, up to 20% conversion discount to 5 day VWAP)

Categories: Fixed Income, Hybrid and Convertible Notes

Fat Prophets LIC - Global Contrarian Fund - A$33M IPO (FPC:ASX) (priority subscription)

Fat Prophets is an internationally recognised investment research and wealth/funds management house with AUD$90M in Funds Under Management as at Dec 2016. Fat Prophets is seeking to raise AUD$33M for its Global Contrarian Fund , which will be structured as an ASX Listed Investment Company (LIC) and managed by Fat Prophets Funds Management Pty Limited (Manager).

The new Fund’s Investment thesis aims to enhance long-term performance outcomes, using a contrarian investment style targeting key inflection points. Capital exposures are allocated across equities, commodities, currency, cash and derivatives throughout their respective market cycles. The Fund Manager’s philosophy is that markets tend to overreact to events which presents short term over-priced or under-priced opportunities.

Firm Bids for priority subscription should be submitted to PrimaryMarkets before 4:00 pm on Wednesday, 8 March 2017 (AEDT).

Learn more about this opportunity in this short video.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.10 per share plus 1 free Loyalty Option (Fully subscribed NTA @ A$1.081 per share)

Categories: Securities, Listed Exchange Traded

Hydropower - Tier 1 hydro-engineering business - 12% Convertible Note

New Zealand incorporated company that designs and manufactures hydro-power turbines and auxiliary equipment using world-class turbine design processes

- Clients include blue-chip hydro generation companies throughout Australasia and the Pacific

- Company has a precision engineering division that provides customers with a “one-stop-shop” for design, manufacture, installation and maintenance

- Company generates significant revenue and is expecting to be operating cash flow positive in FY2018

- Projected revenue growth rate of 10%+ per annum

- Proposed ASX listing in Q4 2017 subject to favourable market conditions
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.5M targeted raise (A$1.6M already committed) @ $10,000 per Convertible Note - 2 year, 12% coupon, conversion discount of 20% to IPO price

Categories: Fixed Income, Hybrid and Convertible Notes

WANTED: Producing Coal Mine Opportunities - USD$300M mandate for acquisitions

A leading Asian Power Company is looking to invest up to USD$300M to acquire producing coal mines to source raw material feedstock for their current portfolio of coal-fired power plants.

The Group have retained a leading, international law firm to assess possible acquisitions and/or other opportunities. The ownership structure and terms are to be mutually agreed.

If you are aware of any such investment opportunities please contact us and we will progress.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD $300M (up to) total investment

Categories: Commercial, Private Tender Offers

Ingredients Supply Company to Global Food and Beverage Industry (Switzerland-based) - Existing Shares

In operation since 2000, the Company is a Switzerland-domiciled company with the exclusive rights to commercialise patent protected products that naturally reduce salt and sugar in products without impacting taste.

In addition, the technology associated with the products allows sugar mills to augment income streams and counteract declining margins in traditional sugar milling.

Company has 10M ordinary shares on issue and in excess of 150 international shareholders. The most recent valuation was USD$300M (USD$30 per share). The significant discount to this valuation is based on the need for immediate liquidity for the Seller.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD $6 per share

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Clean Energy Company - Generating Electricity Using Waste Heat - 15% Convertible Note

Patented technology that generates electricity from lower temperature waste/exhaust heat from industrial/utility sites. Convertible Note terms:
- Coupon 15% p.a. payable quarterly in arrears
- Term - 12 months
- Conversion at Convertible Noteholder discretion @ 25% discount to IPO issue price
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $5M @ A$1,000 per Convertible Note - 15% coupon (Pre-Money Valuation of A$24M)

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

USA Ice Cream Company - Pre IPO Growth Funding - 8% Convertible Note

This USA based Ice Cream Manufacturer/Wholesaler is a specialty ice cream company focused on the production of high quality ice cream and other dairy products and has been operating since 2014 and is seeking to raise additional capital to commence the execution of its strategy to have its securities listed on a national US securities exchange. The Company’s already operational end-to-end solutions are aimed at increasing distribution through brand promotion and marketing programs.

Open only to Qualified Purchasers (Liquid net worth >USD$1M or Income >USD$200K).
Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD $5M @ USD$10,000 per convertible note (Unit) - 8% Coupon accrued daily - Maturing December 31, 2019 - Convert @ 30% discount to listing valuation - One free attached warrant per Unit worth USD$5,000 of shares at listing - Maximum Offering Amount USD$5M (500 Units) - Pre-Money Valuation USD$18M

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Healthcare Workplace Management System - Seed Capital Raise

Founded in 2015 by two Australian doctors, this Company is providing the first cloud based workplace management system for healthcare professionals specifically for use in hospitals and nursing homes. The Company identified a number of missing links in critical hospital infrastructure that directly relate to risk management and patient outcomes. The initial two launch products are already fully operational across 6 Australian public hospitals. Potential marketplaces are worldwide and can be multifaceted. Self-funded to date.
Status: Closed


Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Revolutionary Weapon Technology (USA) - Growth Funding

This US Company is the exclusive developer of Laser Guided Energy and Laser Induced Plasma Channel technologies. These revolutionary technologies can precisely transmit high voltage electrical charges by using a laser to create a conductive path in the atmosphere. This technique can deliver tailored weapon and countermeasure effects to targets with laser accuracy and manageable lethality, reducing the potential for inadvertent injury and collateral damage. By harnessing the power of a lightning bolt, they introduce new possibilities for precision, safety and impact, on and off the battlefield.
Company had previous market capitalisation >USD$1B.

Open only to:
QIBs (Qualified Institutional Buyer) - Entity with >USD$100M
Qualified Purchasers - Liquid net worth >USD$5M
Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD $5M @ 100 limited partnership units - minimum investment USD$50,000. (Option to convert to ordinary shares @ USD$0.10 per share) - current pre-money market capitalisation of USD$300,000

Categories: Securities, Listed Exchange Traded

Automatic Boat Trailer Loader - First to Market - Series B Round

Automatic Boat Loader (ABL) is a patented world first disruptive marine technology that is now in market and expanding offshore from New Zealand foundations. The remote controlled, hydraulically powered ABL lets users launch and retrieve their boat without getting their feet wet and is 3 times faster than an electric winch. The ABL is first to market with no direct competition. This product is specified for alloy and fibreglass hulled boats in the 5-9 metre range up to 2,500kg. Update: NZD $814,000 of the Series B round has now been subscribed (over-subscriptions with shareholder approval offered up to NZD $1.5M).
Status: Closed

Price Guide:  NZD$1.5M raise @ NZD $1.25 per stapled security - NZD$814,000 already raised (Enterprise Value @ NZD $4.324M Pre-Money)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Commercial Property Trust (Sydney, Australia) - Existing Units

This sale of existing units in the long standing, successful property Trust which was originally established as a spin-off from the corporate restructure of the former ASX-listed property group. The aim of the Trust is to generate recurring distribution income and grow its Net Tangible Assets (NTA) per unit through investments in property opportunities. The major asset is a large-scale, multifaceted mixed use precinct located at North Strathfield, NSW, Australia. The configuration, design and features of buildings have been developed to suit large scale commercial tenants. Total Net Assets as at 31st December 2015 equal A$20,234,250.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $7.10 per unit (8.97% discount to current NTA of A$20.2M)

Categories: Funds, Property

Swimwear Brand + Australian owned / Internationally recognised - Growth Round

The Company is an international-facing, Australian swimwear brand for fashion conscious women aged 25-40, who aspire to the stylish spirit of Bondi Beach. Currently sold through a network of agents in Europe and the Americas. Led by Digital Marketing and Production Executives with 45+ years direct experience.

Latest developments:

-Multi-currency ecommerce site went live in April (AUD/USD/EUR)
-SS18 lycra range now being sold through the largest swimwear showrooms in New York and Miami
-Canada's largest swimwear retailer and one of the biggest in the USA are also distributors
-New EU distributors in place for EU sales season in mid-July

FY16 revenue of A$435,000 at a net breakeven position with FY17 revenue forecast A$1M.

Raising equity to support digital and international expansion.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $650,000 equity capital raise (A$2M pre-money valuation)


Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Micro Frictionless Payments for Monetising Online Content - Growth Equity Round

The Company provides a service that allows publishers and owners of online content to put a micro-payment or micro-subscription button directly on their website. It overcomes the issues associated with ad revenue by allowing the user to access content only after payment of a small fee.. It is an easy way to convert users of all forms of online content into paying customers by providing a micropayment service that is easy for the content creator or publisher to integrate and easy for the customer to use. The product has been implemented on two rural publications and is attracting strong interest from other major publishers and other content rich organisations looking for a monetisation platform solution for content .
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1M Capital Raise ($4M pre-money valuation)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

High Purity Quartz Sand Producer - Seed Round

A high purity quartz sand Company that intends to become only the third globally relevant producer/supplier of high purity silica sand, a critical raw material necessary for the manufacturing process of solar PV and semiconductors. The investment provides a unique exposure to the renewable energy and semiconductor supply chains in markets where demand is growing strongly and access to high quality raw materials is key. Market situation comparable to battery storage/lithium markets. This Seed funding round provides funding for a drilling & sampling/testing program to appraise the quartz resource and confirm initial assay at c99.99% purity at depth.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $531,852 Capital Raise @ A$5M (Pre-Money EV)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

IPO - RTO by Backup and Recovery SaaS for SMEs

Reverse takeover of Excalibur Mining Corporation by Dropsuite. Dropsuite is a Cloud-based software platform that enables SMEs to easily backup, recover and protect their digital databases. Dropsuite’s products include website backup, file-based server backup, email backup & archiving, as well as mobile data backup.

The Excalibur/Dropsuite Prospectus offers up to 80 million shares at an issue price of A$0.10 per share, to raise up to A$8 million, with a minimum share subscription of A$5 million (minimum completed).

The Offer closes on Friday 18th November 2016 at AWST 5PM.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD IPO @ A$0.10 per share (IPO is to issue 80M shares with Min. A$5M subscription already filled and building up to a Max. A$8M)

Categories: Securities, Listed Exchange Traded

ASX Listed Property Trust - Placement - 5.51% Discount to NTA (Dividend Yield 8.08% pa)

ASX listed Property Trust Manager has announced a A$12M capital raising by an A$8M placement to High Net Worth and Institutional Investors as well as a A$4M 1:17 Rights Issue with same issue price @ A$1.20 per unit. The offer is priced at a A$0.07 per unit discount to the Trust's A$1.27 Net Tangible Assets (NTA). Dividend Yield 8.08% pa. as at 28 October 2016. Update: Placement Raise currently subscribed to A$6.3M as at 6 January 2017. Rights Issue closed and subscribed to A$4M as at 20 December 2017.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $8M @ A$1.20 (A$6.3M Completed) - Market Cap @ A$78M

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

WANTED: Medical Investment Opportunities A$5-20M available to invest immediately

A group of experienced European health executives with non-Australian operational and investment track-records are now targeting acquisitions in Australia with a broad mandate in Medical Services. Preference to homecare and related services predominantly valued by Ageing / Disabled populations.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Up to $20M per investment - Controlling and/or Substantial Holding Required

Categories: Commercial, Private Tender Offers

Coal Project (into production 2020) - NPV US$3.3B - Discounted Bridging Placement

This is an unlisted Australian public company with three substantial, advanced coal projects located in Poland/Europe. The Company was previously listed on ASX until May 2015 and has two thermal coal projects and one coking coal project, hence a strong diversity of product. Substantial work has already been performed by the Company on all three projects including over 20,000m drilling, several feasibility studies and permitting and licensing applications. The Company is seeking a modest amount of short term cash now in order to maintain development work whilst it brings in a larger cash amount expected over the next few months (negotiations underway on this already) – hence the discounted offer price. The last capital raises were a series of convertible notes totalling A$7M with its major shareholder from prices @ A$0.03 (August, 2015) and @ A$0.09 (May, 2016). Exit strategy is listing on LSX, AIM, SGEX or another bourse in CY2017.

Webinar recording now available: View the Managing Director's in-depth outline about this opportunity here.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $3M Equity Capital Raise @ AUD $0.05 per share (Enterprise Value @ A$45.5M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Light Turbine Engine Development - Category Leader

The Company is developing a suite of innovative, efficient, high performance, low cost turbine engines specifically for use in the global marketplace for Experimental Category General Aviation Aircraft, Light Sport Aircraft, Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Ground Support Equipment, and potential future Airborne Drone markets. The objective is to become the world-wide first and dominant supplier of turboprop engines within the 100hp - 200hp category.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Price on Application

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Retail Shopping Fund, 7.5% pa distribution - New Issue for acquisition of Qld Shopping Centre

The Fund has been formed to acquire a portfolio of existing, income producing retail shopping centre investments that will be held for potential capital growth and income return. The first property to be acquired by the Fund is a large neighbourhood retail centre and includes a range of complementary shops and services. The Centre comprises three separate buildings all on single title; a freestanding McDonald's Restaurant (built in 2014) with the main centre incorporating IGA, BWS, Medical practice, other specialty stores and 115 parking spaces. The property has been independently valued at A$14.2M.

Firm commitments due 5pm, Monday 14 November 2016 (AEST).

Webinar Recording Now Available: View the Managing Director's in-depth outline to the Fund Offering including track-record, future
acquisitions, ownership structure and the outlook of the region including features of the 2020 University precinct. View it here.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $8.5M issue @ $1.00 per unit (52% LVR target, min $50,000 investment)

Categories: Funds, Property

Biopharmaceutical Company founded by Australian Nobel Laureate - Patented Product for Treatments of Allergy Indications - Capital Raising

Unlisted company founded by Australian Nobel Laureate to develop and commercialise novel treatments in rapidly growing international market for allergic indications including childhood eczema, food allergies, allergic asthma. Funds required to complete pre-clinical studies and quality manufacture of patented product for use in animal safety studies and clinical trials.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD A$3.5M raise at A$0.05 per share - A$2.75M already raised (pre-money valuation of A$1.57M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

OpenDNA Limited - IPO - Artificial Intelligence Software

OpenDNA is a business intelligence platform that provides businesses with a single customer view. It does this by building detailed psychographic maps on users in real-time. Businesses that power their systems with OpenDNA are able to better engage and target their customers by building the most detailed single customer view. It can do this whether the app or website has 100k, 10-million, 100-million users or more. Customers receive the most personalized, relevant experience in any platform powered by OpenDNA, which pushes personalised content across any e-commerce product/service offerings (entertainment, publishing, fin-tech, travel, etc.). The Company’s technology works by creating a detailed, holistic profile of an individual user’s likes, dislikes and interests based on that user’s interaction with Platforms to which the technology is connected (and hence which are Powered by OpenDNA).

The Company is seeking to raise a minimum of A$8M and up to A$10M (including oversubscriptions) via the Offer, which will be used primarily to fully commercialise its technology and expand its business, including through sales, marketing and new product development.

Firm bids due by 5pm 21 October 2016 (AEST).
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD A$8M - Capital Raise @ A$0.20 per share (indicative market cap A$21M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Metavone Limited (MTV:ASX) - IPO - Developing Innovative Treatments for Dementia & Hormone-related Cancers

Metavone Limited is a drug discovery and development company focused on the development of therapeutic treatments for dementia and hormone-related cancers. The dementia and hormone-related cancer markets are globally significant and have featured significant growth. MTV is seeking to raise a minimum $3.5M and up to $5M. Via issue of new ordinary shares @ $0.20 per share. The new monies will primarily be used to fund the ongoing research and development of the Company’s Isoflavone Drug Technology compounds. Firm bids due Tues, 18 Oct 2016 at 5pm (AEST).
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD A$3.5M-$5M Target Raise @ $0.20 per share (EV min. A$9M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Digital Fashion Mobile App - China expansion

Award-Winning Digital Fashion Mobile App provides a single fashion destination to discover, share and purchase. The Company is aligned with world leading partners, team members and strategic assets, expanding into China. Recently aligned with one of three internet giants in China as a strategic shareholder to assist in localising and expansion into China (to be announced shortly)

Join the CEO for a Webinar on Friday 30th September 2016 at 10am (AEST) by registering here
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD A$1.5M equity capital raise on a valuation of A$8M

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

H2Ocean Limited - IPO - LIC for Early and Pre-IPO Growth Stage Fintechs

H2 Ventures (the Manager of H2Ocean) is led by its founders, Ben Heap and Dr Toby Heap, and employs a team of investment professionals. H2Ocean will typically invest in ventures that have completed an accelerator or incubator program and it will typically invest on a matched basis, i.e. alongside other Professional Investors. This portfolio will afford the investor access to new products, services and business models and may also provide a hedge against traditional bank and insurance investments that are at risk of digital disruption. As an investor in the Company, shareholders may be offered opportunities for co-investment in ventures, through the H2Ocean Private Syndicate, that the Company has invested in.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Issue Price - @ $1.10 per share (plus free option) - Min. $27.5M subscription up to a Max. $55M

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Authentication Multi-Factor Software - $2.5M C-Note @ 7.5% pa

An Australian software business is investing in R & D and ongoing patenting of next-generation authentication technologies and the associated capabilities to make it the simplest yet most secure offering available globally. Technology is capable of being implemented as a plug-in to existing platforms and services, and fit the new 'consumerisation of security' initiatives being driven by the market. C-Note @ 20% Discount with AUD$25M Cap Valuation on Series A or Buyout Or @ Variable Discount on 30 June 2018 based upon total value of Annual Recurrent Revenue Contracts.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $2.5M Convertible Note @ 7.5 % pa to 30 June 2018 COMPLETED

Categories: Fixed Income, Hybrid and Convertible Notes

Coal Development Opportunity - Australia

Seeking cornerstone investment, JV or outright sale of Advanced Thermal coal development projects with an abundance of surplus infrastructure in the Australian state of Tasmania.......
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Price on Application

Categories: Direct Assets, Mining / Oil / Gas Tenements

Australian Bank OTC Hybrid Debt Securities

Tier 1 Hybrid Debt Securities @ 400bps over 6 month BBSW with a 90% franking credit. The Securities are fully paid, perpetual, unsecured, subordinated debt obligations of a leading Australian and New Zealand Bank and Wealth Management company with over 5M retail and 400 institutional clients. Principal activities include financial planning and advice, superannuation services for businesses and investment products for individuals, income protection and disability insurance as well as selected banking products and investments.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $2.2M - 22,000 securities - Call Date 27 March 2020

Categories: Fixed Income, Hybrid and Convertible Notes

Social Gaming Developer - Series A - Asian Market Distribution

Shares in a Company that builds and deploys Social Games to run on social media sites (e.g. Facebook), mobile phones and tablets. Series A raising of A$1.5M in early 2016 to support growth by Marketing, Technical Personnel, Advisory and Infrastructure. A total market segment predicted to be US$35.3B in 2017. Agreement has been signed with Xin Gaming to distribute through Asia Gaming, one of the biggest online operators in Asia.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Raising $1.5M @ $0.25 per share. Minimum $50,000 investment. Pre-Money EV at $5M.

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Consumer Banking Platform in Joint Venture with Major Bank (Pre-IPO Round Raising)

This integrated digital platform provides a superior, engaging & integrated everyday banking experience that empowers and educates users to better manage their money. This Company is an initiative of one of the Founders of Society One, Australia's leading P2P Lender, and the company operates under an exclusive Joint Venture Agreement with a leading ADI Banking Partner.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.5M (0.20c per share) based on pre-money valuation of A$8M

Categories: Securities, Pre-IPO / Grey Market

Sports Digital Data Insights Business - UK, AU and US Focus

Series A Capital Raise for Sports Sector focused data business with clients in the EU, US and AU markets, most of them being listed Top 100 companies in respective jurisdictions. Our mission is to assist brands, sports teams and athletes to forge stronger, meaningful and profitable partnerships that resonate with the right audience. Data technology powering better digital partnerships.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Series A $3M Capital Raise - Post Money EV $30M

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

ASX Listed Renewable Energy Company - Unlisted Options - Vested

1,625,000 unlisted call options in ASX listed company -- expires 25 Feb 2018, exercise price AUD $0.20, ASX price AUD $0.37 as at 9th January 2018.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $0.07

125,000 already transacted on

Categories: Securities, Options and Warrants

Property Fund - Australian Aged Care - Net Yield 7.5% to 8.00% p.a.

Investment in the growth of Australia's ageing population with exposure to the strong demand fundamentals of the aged care sector.......
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.00 per unit (min. investment A$25,000). A$125M total equity raise.
Fully Subscribed

Categories: Funds, Property

Medical Cannabis Company (ASX Listed) - Unlisted Options

Unlisted options in ASX listed company - exercise price A$0.36 (In The Money) and expiry date 1 March 2019. Current share price as at 3rd April 2017 - $0.75

ASX listed company, which aims to commercialise Medical Grade Cannabis (MGC) based therapeutic products to the international market with regulated medical cannabis laws. The Company operates three subsidiaries across the entire Medical Cannabis value chain.
Status: Closed

Price Guide:  2,000,000 Call Options, Price on Application

Categories: Securities, Options and Warrants

Cybersecurity Company - Pre-IPO Capital Raise

Capital raising to execute growth strategy and IPO <18 months. This existing Australian-based business provides Corporate, Government and other Organisations with the most sophisticated cyber security technology on the market. Profitable business with demonstrated growth and diversified recurring revenue streams.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $2M equity raise for - 26% company @ $0.08 per share (post-money EV $7.6M)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Cancer Diagnostics Company - Pre-IPO Existing Shareholding - FDA Listed ISO13485 Certified

Sale of pre-IPO existing shares by a motivated Seller in a public, unlisted Company based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2007, the Company has successfully realised IP value in telomerase-based diagnostics to effectively identify bladder cancer. In 2016 it transitioned from a purely R&D company to a commercial entity with product revenues. Has recently formalised distribution agreements for US and UK markets. Since inception, the Company has raised A$16.1M in equity to successfully achieve milestones and has been well supported by considerable R&D Incentives.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD 6M shares @ $0.14 per share (cum rights) = 24.32% discount to December 2016 Pre-IPO Rights Issue

Categories: Securities, Pre-IPO / Grey Market

Cryptocurrency Group USA - Existing Shares

Early stage digital currencies/blockchain investment portfolio which includes 100-plus investments in 20-plus countries.....
Status: Closed

Price Guide: USD $1M existing shareholding (EV at US$650M)

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Series A: Online Aged Care & Home Care Marketplace

Established unlisted aged care & home care two sided marketplace platform. Seeking to raise up to A$4M by issue of new ordinary shares (A$12M pre-money valuation). Business model is a comparison and information tool for consumer aged care and home care purchase decision making. Established B2C profile. Strong team, trusted brand, high profile partnerships, established user base and revenue generation. This is a Series A expansionary equity capital round.

Webinar recording now available: View the CEO's in-depth outline about this opportunity here.

Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD A$4M book build (A$12M pre-money valuation)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Gold Explorer USA - Series A Capital Raise

An unlisted Australian Public company holding over 30 sq km of ground in Northern Arizona USA, highly prospective for gold. Custodian of an extensive proprietary historical dataset containing over 20,000 surface samples and 40,000 of drilling. Numerous gold exploration targets based on a detachment fault/epithermal system deposit model. Exploration tenements are close to existing infrastructure (power, road, labour force). Major gold producer has recently staked land adjacent to the tenements. Led by an experienced Board with well established reputation for discovering and developing mineral projects in Australia and North America.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Seeking to raise up to $1M

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Cloud Technology Services - Existing shares

Ordinary shares in public, unlisted cloud technology services company. Two tranches for sale at same terms: a 13% and 0.7% respective shareholdings.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $ Price on Application

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Digital Solar Services - Existing shares

Shares in public, unlisted utility services technology company. Last capital transaction gave Enterprise Value of AUD $4M 1.5% or 1,000,000 shareholding.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $100,000

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

Corporate Technology Accelerator

Company runs Corporate Accelerator Programs that brings start-ups and corporates together. This business aligns top-end start-ups with internal corporate innovation and entrepreneurship programs. The Company is raising capital through a Series A round building on successes and underpinning expansion of its services across industries and geographies.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $11.00 per share for $2.5M book build. ($12.5M pre-money valuation).

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $ Price on Application

Categories: Fixed Income, Debt Obligations

Pre-IPO - Asia-Based Technology Company

This unlisted Asia-based technology company is expected to list on the ASX in Q4 2016 (Prospectus lodged). The company targets small and medium business owners and has signed a number of significant name-brand global partners. It is generating predictable and growing revenues led by a strong, experienced management team and Board.

- A$1.75M parcel of pre-IPO shares at escrow discount.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.75M parcel of pre-IPO shares at escrow discount

Categories: Securities, Pre-IPO / Grey Market
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Price on Application

Categories: Direct Assets, Other

Biotech (Cancer Treatment) - Existing Unlisted Fund Units

Units in unlisted managed fund that holds significant shares in an unlisted biotech company focused on cancer treatments. Rights to Royalty Streams yet to commercialise.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $100,000

Categories: Funds, Managed

Oil & Gas - Mining Tenement - Surat Basin Qld AU

Long term small oil producer from 3 wells all of which are currently closed in primarily due to oil prices. There is CSG opportunity. Vendor happy to consider JV, farm-in or outright sale.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $2,500,000

Categories: Direct Assets, Mining / Oil / Gas Tenements

ASX Listed Resources Company - $2M unlisted Convertible Note Private Placement

Unlisted convertible note, convertible on 2 days notice, at the holder’s election, into listed ordinary shares. Maturity Term at 24 months and at maturity, any unconverted Con Note will be redeemed at face value plus any accrued but unpaid interest.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $2M Semi-Annual 2 year Convertible Note @ 8% pa ($1,000 Face Value per note)

Categories: Fixed Income, Hybrid and Convertible Notes

Industrial Property Trust - Single Asset Brisbane, QLD, AU

This unlisted, closed-ended industrial property trust aims to deliver investors (SMSF, retail and wholesale investors) stable and sustainable, tax-advantaged income distributed monthly, along with the potential for capital growth. The single asset property is a large distribution complex located in the premier industrial precinct of Acacia Ridge with an 8.6 year WALE (weighted average leasing expiry) as at 23 June 2016. Closed.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1.00 per unit (Property Valuation @ $18M, 50% LVR, min $20,000 investment)

Categories: Funds, Property

Kyckr - IPO shares - Online, Real-time On-Boarding Services Company (KYC.ASX)

Firm Bids Due Friday, 5 Aug 2016 (AEST). The Company is seeking to raise $5M in new equity capital and list on the ASX via an IPO. The proceeds of the offer will be used to accelerate marketing and sales initiatives and further build-out the platform. Upon listing, the Company will have a market cap of ~A$20M. Cornerstone support of a minimum $1M has been received for the transaction. Offer Closed.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD IPO @ $0.20 per share ($5M book-build)

Categories: Securities, Listed Exchange Traded

Oil and Gas Permit in USA - Tenders

Sale of wholly owned subsidiary holding a highly prospective Permit approx. 26,000 gross acres and in proximity to significant producing fields. The Permit has had a limited seismic program and three well drilling program with significant gas flows discovered. Independently estimated contingent recoverable resource (P50) of 56 bcf. Approximately USD$50M has been spent on infrastructure and drilling on this Permit. A major gas pipeline crosses the Permit. The Seller has just altered its corporate strategy and now seeks immediate disposal of the Permit.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD Tender Bids below AUD$2.5 million may not be considered.

Categories: Commercial, Private Tender Offers

A$10M Placement ASX Listed - Renewable Energy - Offer Closed.

Exposure to renewable energy sector - Leveraging existing infrastructure for low cost development - Positive macro outlook - Government support. Two energy output forms including initial 50MW Solar Project - All permits and approvals received. 20 year revenue guaranteed. ARENA Funded. Construction commencing December 2016. First cash flow Q4 2017 PLUS 250 MW Pumped Storage Hydro - Feasibility completed – Strategic peak generator / energy storage. DvP facility. OFFER CLOSED.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $10M Placement Issue Price $0.22 (24.2% discount to 5 Day VWAP)

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Daily Fantasy Sports Wagering Platform - Bridging Round

Established in March 2015, this Australian daily fantasy sports (“DFS”) wagering platform has an open offer seeking to raise $1M. SUBSCRIBED AND COMPLETED
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $1M Equity Bridging Round

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Block Trade (9.9%) of ASX Listed Resources Company (Mkt Cap - AUD$100M+)

An emerging ASX Listed Resource Company with exposure to iron sand, copper and gold exploration and development.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $9.9M

Categories: Securities, Listed Exchange Traded

Unlisted Options ASX, Vested, Out-of-the-Money

Unlisted options in ASX listed company -- term 2 years, exercise price AUD $0.20, current ASX price AUD $0.14.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $0.05 each option.

Categories: Securities, Options and Warrants

Expense Management Technology Company - Existing shares

180,000 ordinary shares in unlisted IT company in the expense management field. Entity has been in existence over 10+ years and is profitable for over the past 5+ years. It has offices in Australia and overseas.
Status: Closed

Price Guide: AUD $80,000

Categories: Securities, Established Companies

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