Miskawaan Health Group Limited HK ("MHG") is a new business set up to take advantage of the explosion in Asian health tourism, in particular from China.

Situated in Thailand with its head office in Hong Kong, MHG will bring established German technology and experience in the fields of stem cell and holistic therapies to Asia to service the burgeoning market for top notch health and wellbeing services. The business has commenced operations and has established a state-of­ the-art Women's Center that will include IVF services to patients around the Asian region.

Rejuvenation Therapy was pioneered by Professor Bader (a principal partner of MHG) who has developed a ground-breaking technology that activates, harnesses and orchestrates the body's own systems to repair and regenerate.

Until now, stem cell science has focused on removing stem cells to work with them outside the body or using foreign stem cells from plants and animals. Professor Bader's technology works with the body's own stem cells, activating them in situ, boosting them, and committing them to generate the correct, healed tissue.

Service Offerings:

Target Market:

The Board have vast experiences and have invested personally into the Company. The Medical Advisory Board includes:

The Company is seeking to raise a total of US$5M from first round investors in exchange for equity shares equivalent to 25% of the business. With a pre-money valuation of US$15M, US$3.5M has already been raised to date.

Full Information Memorandum available upon request.

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