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Medical Cannabis Options - The Grass is Green

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In late 2016, PrimaryMarkets listed ~10M unlisted options for sale in an ASX listed medical cannabis company. At that time, the options were “Out Of The Money” as the strike price of A$0.36 (with an expiry in March 2019) was lower than the Company’s then share price of A$0.25.

Since the listing on PrimaryMarkets, the entire medical cannabis sector has attracted significant investor interest with positive regulatory tailwinds. In addition, this company made a series of positive announcements in March 2017, which resulted in the share price growing more than 100% to a recent high of A$0.75.

Had the options been acquired earlier, a prudent buyer of the 10M options would have made a “paper” profit of over A$3M (excluding option costs) on the trade!

This company’s share price has since settled back to ~A$0.50, however even at current share price, the options remain “In The Money”.

PrimaryMarkets is pleased to advise that 2M of these options are still available for sale.

Please see link below if you would like to find out more about these Medical Cannabis Options:

Medical Cannabis Company (ASX Listed) - Unlisted Options

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