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Capital Raising up to €3m (~A$4.5m) via the issue of Convertible Notes


Ecommerce Lending Opportunity in Europe

Business Highlights

Revenue based financing for ecommerce brands.

Bloom Financial Group Ltd is building a highly defensible niche, with limited competition in a market segment that is yet to be penetrated.

Accessing small business funding shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming, so Bloom developed a simple way for businesses to secure up to €3M in 24 hours or less – with Easy Application, Fast Funding and Easy Payback.

Bloom lends to online brands benefiting from the recent acceleration of ecommerce sales across Europe and insulating Bloom from non-performing loans in the retail sector. Ecommerce lending portfolios can yield 20-30%.

Bloom is built around the idea that every business should be able to reach its potential; that every business has the right to finance to fuel growth. We believe that by using technology we can build a platform that enables businesses, financial institutions and payments companies to work together to build a better economic future.

Bloom is seeking to raise up to € 3M (~A$4.5M) via the issue of Convertible Notes.

  • 6% Coupon p.a.
  • 50% discount to IPO or liquidity event. The company is targeting an IPO within 24 Months.

Valuation conversion cap fixed at A$12M giving investors significant upside potential.

Bloom works with institutional investors to continue the development of our platform, grow our team and capitalize on immediate European opportunities.

Business highlights:

  1. Distribution is built in through partnerships with Europe’s fragmented PSPs and Acquirers (who are under revenue pressure given regulatory fee caps), Marketplace partners and ecommerce platforms.
  2. The Board believes that the existing pipeline of partners gives access to enough revenue opportunity to deliver the first  3 years of the plan.
  3. To hit year five, Bloom only needs to reach 4% of their target market.
  4. Bloom are targeting small and mid-sized ecommerce merchants with revenues <10M EUR and small businesses selling through marketplaces and directly on web platforms. They plan to expand over time to larger merchant profiles in line with cost of funding.
  5. The UK to be outpaced in terms of growth rate by 9 EU countries as the market grows (Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic).


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Growth Opportunities via Partnerships



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