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Leading Marketplace for Management Consultants & Freelance Executives

Cognisium provides timely, cost efficient connections between the world’s top independent consultants and business organisations.

Business Highlights

The Cognisium platform consists of a public website and a members’ Portal, which is only available to registered experts and business clients.

  • Features over 1250 experts from 42 countries with an average of 18 years of professional experience, with 10 years at the executive level, focused on C-suite and senior leadership professionals
  • Strong presence in Australia, UK, UAE and USA
  • Clients include global consultancies IBM Australia and Worley as well as small and medium businesses
  • Growth plan is to build on its successful organic acquisition strategy by hiring sales professionals in key markets to continue to grow the membership base
  • Cognisium invested ~$200,000 to build its own technology platform (hard coded) and a sophisticated analytics engine
  • With revenue already being generated the company is aiming to raise A$1M at a pre-money valuation of A$2.5M to fund growth plans

Company Overview

Cognisium gives access to a wide pool of management consultants, C-level advisors and executives with deep domain expertise without the need of a full time commitment.

Cognisium experts have on average 18 years of professional experience and are keen to support your business through most critical, challenging or transformative phases.

They come on-board to work side by side, apply and share know-how, build, augment, coach or guide you where and when necessary.


A Sophisticated, Bespoke Marketplace for Freelance Global Executives

Cognisium provides timely, cost efficient connections between the world’s top independent consultants and business organisation. Cognisium owns all platform IP and has registered the Cognisium trademark.

  • Cognisium is the only talent-on-demand marketplace offering executive expertise in the CEO to CEO-2 bracket.
  • Experts are carefully vetted and have at least 18 years of professional experience, with at least 10 years at the executive level/or leadership level.
  • Cognisium is the only marketplace that offers a mixed model to business clients Cognisium clients can either follow:
    • A self-serve route whereby they make their role(s) available to all experts, or
    • A Private listing route for complete privacy.

Market Fundamentals

  • Global freelancing: 35% of global workforce (1.1bn people)
  • USA Market Size: 58m Freelancers contribute $1.3tr to the US economy.
  • Global Market Size: $23.16tr to $42.9tr annually
  • 54%- Bachelor degree | 24% – Master or Ph.D degree

Transaction Overview

Raising A$1M at a pre-money valuation of A$2.5M

  • Price = A$137/share
  • Minimum investment: A$10,000
  • Acquiring 15% of the voting shares or more, may appoint a Director
  • Dividends: 5% non-cumulative payable when declared by the directors

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Dr Dorel Iosif

CEO & Director, Co-Founder

John Stocco

Director, Co-Founder

James Marshall, Co-Founder


Robin Mills, Co-Founder


Dr Dorel Iosif

CEO & Director, Australia

Erez Weiner

CTO, Israel

Dina Guirguis

General Counsel, UAE

Maryem El Farsaoui

Head of Research UAE

Keith Jones

Major Investor, fmr Deloitte Aust Chairman

Bredon Cox

Major Investor, Australia

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