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Invest in the New Era of Crypto

Multiple financial products together in one app, disrupting financial solutions and payments globally

Business Highlights

Cryptoforce creates secure, simple, and intuitive crypto products. Whether for a group or an individual, Cryptoforce aims to assist in purchasing, selling, and storing cryptocurrency.

The Problem

  • It’s Complex for entry level users to buy, sell and trade crypto + NFTs
  • It Takes Time – Sign up process is approx. 10 – 15 minutes with multiple codes before you can make a purchase
  • Tedious – Multiple apps are required to buy Crypto

    Cryptoforce Solutions

    • Fast start – Buy and sell with ease, no lengthy signup process
    • Real-time charts
    • 24/7 Help
    • Desktop Exchange, IOS and Android Application
    • Crypto visa card – Tap & Go
    • PayID and Osko transactions for Instant payment
    • Crypto to Bill Pay: Pay any bills within Australia via Crypto deposits.
    • Staking: Stake coins and earn interest on staking deposits.
    • SMSF Support: Enabling self-managed super fund owners to invest in crypto.
    • Auto Invest: Enables users to set a weekly, fortnightly or monthly purchase for one or more cryptocurrencies to automatically build their crypto portfolio.


    Get access to the leading Crypto Coins

    Strategic Partnerships

    Global Credit Card Acquiring Service

    • Cryptoforce has a wholesale acquisition agreement with to provide global credit card processing to companies globally
    • Cryptoforce earns 15% profit share on every client onboarded, providing Cryptoforce with a risk-free income stream
    • Ability to provide services to many industries like E-Commerce, Crypto, Gaming, Global Remittance and all other regulated industries

    Disruptor of the banking and payments sector

    All in one Crypto asset solution

    Partnered with, Visa and Jumio

    Global product with significant growth opportunity

    Transaction Overview

    Raising up to A$450,000 at a post-money valuation of A$8M.
    The company will be issuing 5% of ordinary shares in Cryptoforce Australia Pty Ltd

    Use of Funds:

    $150,000 Marketing
    $250,000 Additional Product Development
    $50,000 Operating Costs

    Minimum Subscription of A$200,000 to launch the product.

    Company Overview

    Cryptoforce Australia Pty Ltd is an all-in-one crypto solution base built in Australia that has been in product development since 2020 and was completed in May 2022.

    Cryptoforce will be the only product that will allow a customer to download one application, trade the market, buy products online and in-store, deposit and bank with our interest rate products.

    Cryptoforce is excited to bring this product to market and gain market share by being more competitive and advanced than the older thinking banks.

    Cryptoforce will usher in a new age of crypto financial solutions. Cryptocurrencies continue to gain mainstream acceptance, by manifesting through crypto debit cards. These, like ordinary debit cards, let you spend money from an account by swiping your card (or entering the numbers from it). The main difference is that instead of connecting to your bank account, this card links to one of your cryptocurrency wallets.

    Cryptoforce plans to integrate its own Exchange, SMSF Products, Deposits, NFT Market Place, and Auto Invest products into the final product, which will allow Cryptoforce to become the new era of crypto solutions.


    Christopher Bailey

    Chief Executive Officer

    Kush Shah

    Chief Technical Officer

    Shyamal Sharma

    Chief Operating Officer

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