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Raising A$2.5M @ pre-money EV A$10.5M


Patented Solar Technology

Business Highlights

Business Update: Endless Solar Corporation becomes an Energy Operator

Endless Solar Corporation has completed the last of three startegic JV’s to provide both customers and markets, with the latest technology products, to becomae an Energy Operator not unlike a telco operator using its subscription contract offerings.

The company which already holds world patented markets for its Cool Solar Technology will commence selling its PVT and Thermal Tank Technology during FY2022 while commercialising its Cool Solar technology.

Its management team has been expanded using these JV’s to support this initiative at a time when alternative Power sources become a National Focus.

A full data pack is available to Primary Markets Investors including a 5 year Subscription Financial model, and State and Regional Community Market initiatives.


Endless Solar is a leading producer and developer of solar air conditioning and hot water technologies. Endless Solar has invested 12 years of R&D into Endless Energy and Endless Utility technologies and the company is now positioned for commercial implementation.

A brief overview of how the technology works:

      • ES generate up to 90% of home heating and cooling using the sun
      • Uses proven patented solar air conditioning (heat pump) technology to heat and cool
      • Uses the house as the main energy storage battery
      • Integrates with a solar hot water and PV battery system to keep running after sunset
      • Eliminates the summer afternoon power surge

Market Opportunity:

      • Demand for energy is increasing relentlessly and the move to work from home will exacerbate the shortfall
      • Improvements in telecommunications, 3D-Printing and AI have lowered the barriers to entry in many sectors
      • Endless Solar owns cutting edge patented Cool Solar technology that has the potential to significantly reduce electricity grid demand building a virtual Power Station
      • Endless Solar is well positioned to leverage its Cool Solar technology to develop further markets in a range of vertical industries from accounting through to pure and waste water, across the Utilities and Property markets focusing on the requirements of the field service industry that deploys and manages them




Power Source and Storage 

Key Information

Cool Solar distributed Power Station
Endless Technologies (Cool Solar & 5G)


Raising A$2.5M (A$10.5M Valuation) for new equity to be used for:

  • Commercialisation
  • R&D
  • Product development
  • Working capital


David Craig

Managing Director

Cathy Lin

Company Accountant

Christopher Baring – Gould

External Director

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