Australian superannuation fund designed for self-employed Australians.

Business Highlights

Helping self-employed people pay themselves super – Finally, a super fund that works for all sorts of self-employed people like freelancers, tradies, photographers, consultants, drivers, creatives, independent contractors, coaches, small business owners…and anyone else who works for themselves.
Built exclusively for self-employed people

GigSuper competes in ways that Big Super doesn’t.


  • Integrates into self-employed communities
  • Presents super from a self-employed perspective
  • Automates contributions and tax deductions
  • Helps with cash flow
  • Provides the right insurance
  • Provides tools, services, and content that help members not only with their super, but also with their business.

Business Model

The GigSuper online business is highly scalable business and generates fixed and variable income in three ways:

  • Assets Under Management fees
  • Administration fee
  • Rebates from insurance premiums

GigSuper expects to grow from 3,000 members after Year 1 through to 56,000 members after Year 5.

Through a typical GigSuper member with an initial rollover of $30,000, the company would generate income of around $237 in the first year. As the member’s account balance increases through ongoing contribution and underlying growth, this will increase materially; over an average member account life of over 16 years.

GigSuper estimates average member life income in the range of $6,500 to $8,000.

Superannuation Growth Market

Scalable Business

AI Technology

Tools for Members

Key Information

Introducing GigSuper

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The Company is seeking up to $2.5M in equity funding, by issue of up to 1.3M ordinary shares at a price per share of $1.85.



Martin Batur

CEO and Director

Peter Stanhope

Head of Partnerships and Director

Branka Injac Misic

Head of Customer Experience

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