Greenfield Diesel (SQ)


Completed Offer

Business Highlights

This Singapore-based Company will acquire and fund the development of a greenfield refinery site in Australia to service domestic demand and take advantage of key strategic features.


  • Demand for diesel that is widely used in agriculture and mining – whereby 60% of diesel is imported and forecast to increase to 80% as existing 50 year old domestic refineries close;
  • Location near market reduces downstream costs – diesel market of 7B litres serviceable by road from the refinery and access to deep-water port allows delivery of larger more cost efficient cargoes;
  • Limited alternative sources due to environmental regulations pertaining to the region resulting in high cost Asian diesel imports; and
  • Option to expand next to the existing site creating a local trading hub.

Key Transaction Information

USD $22 Million Equity Project Finance @ US$100 per share (Pre-money valuation of US$2.4M)

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