High Conviction Fund


High Conviction Fund raising A$14M


The Fund seeks to invest its capital in ASX listed microcap companies with a significant discount in the share price relative to perceived inherent value.

Business Highlights

Hancock & Gore is an active investment company which invests in small to medium size businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage and strong growth prospects, providing them with specialist business management skills and equity capital to leverage these growth opportunities.

The core purpose is to create shareholder value through active long-term ownership in their portfolio businesses, driving sustainable growth through a strong focus on customers and employees.

The Fund has returned 30.9% after all fees over the last 12 months.

H&G High Conviction Fund

  • Investment Return Objective: To provide investors with an annual return which out-performs the Benchmark, being 5% p.a. The manager is targeting to provide long term performance of at least 15% p.a. (before fees) by investing predominantly in Australian Microcap listed on the ASX, whilst minimising the risk of a permanent loss of capital.
  • Strategy: The Fund seeks to invest its capital in companies with a significant discount in the share price relative to perceived inherent value. These companies have superior fundamental prospects, yet negative external events have attracted a flight of investors. The Fund seeks to assist investee companies to demonstrate, grow and realise their inherent value.
  • Investment Timeframe: 5 – 7 years
  • Target Portfolio Composition:
    • 70-95% in publicly listed companies, with a specific focus on ASX-listed companies with a market capitalisation of up to $100m
    • 5-30% in cash
    • High conviction portfolio of 10-20 stocks
    • No leverage within the portfolio
  • Risk Level: Very High

Strong Fund Performance

Macro Drivers

Unique Insights

Active Management


H&G High Conviction Fund

  • Investment manager: H&G Investment Management Ltd
  • Fund size: A$14m
  • Fund pricing: Monthly
  • Fund type: Open-end unit trust
  • Management fee: 1% plus GST p.a. + fund costs capped at 1.05% p.a.
  • Performance fee: 20% of benchmark outperformance, with a high-water mark, paid semi-annually
  • Benchmark: 5% p.a.
  • Buy/sell spread: 0.4%



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