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Manufacture of Ultra High Quality Quartz Sand

Business Highlights

Ultra HPQ is focused on delivering a range of high purity quartz sand and powders into a range of high tech applications.

Ultra HPQ’s business is Ultra High Purity Quartz Sand is a critical and essential mineral used in the manufacture of Solar PV silicon wafers, Semiconductor silicon wafers and other specialty applications including fibre optic cables and specialty quartzware applications such as lighting and pharma/lab glass.

Ultra High Purity Quartz (UltraHPQ) is the trading and brand of High Purity Quartz Ltd, an Australian public, unlisted company. We aim to be a new entrant into the global ultra high purity quartz market with near term plans to become a top 3 global producer and supplier of high purity quartz sand products to the booming solar PV and semiconductor industries.

The company was established by a management team that has spent the last ten years working in the sector. With the acquisition of a suitable quartz mine, Ultra HPQ was formed in late 2015. 

Ultra HPQ is the registered holder of a long term mining lease over the Sugarbag Hill high purity quartz deposit in Queensland, Australia. The Sugarbag Hill quartz deposit has a chemical signature that can be processed to high purity grades. The deposit is large enough to support a 20+ year mine life across a range of ultra high purity sand requirements.

Our products are critical to the supply chains of  high growth industries which make the end products which are transforming and driving a smarter and cleaner future. This includes all smartphones, all servers, all 5G enabled fibre optic networks, all solar PV modules for renewable energy generation.

Business highlights:  The end-use applications which therefore depend on a secure supply of Ultra HPQs to the industrial markets are:

  • All Smart devices including Phones, TVs, Digital Platforms (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google etc)
  • All fibre optic cables including for use in 5G networks
  • Electric Vehicles
  • All solar PV cells and modules and related renewable power generation

Investment Highlights

  • Validated resource of 1.2Mt at 99% silica in the Measured and Indicated categories with huge exploration upside.
  • Resource is outcropping to be extracted by quarrying from a fully granted mining lease.
  • Processing plant to be located in Townsville, Queensland.
  • Only other viable resource outside of the US Spruce Pine mine.
  • China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are expected to be the largest customers and Ultra HPQ has a strategic location and cost advantage compared to its competitors.
  • Leveraged to the growing EV, connected world and renewables thematic.
  • Significant in-house test work has already been completed.
  • Test work program being guided by senior industry expert with experience leading one of only two companies producing from the resource at Spruce Pine, USA.
  • Highly credentialed project partners engaged to manage risk from resource definition through to eventual sales including:
    • Mining Plus Pty Ltd – resource definition and upgrade through to mine planning, mine engineering, and operations
    • Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd – PFS and other studies including engineering, capex and opex validation, process site selection and permitting.
    • Core Resources on flowsheet and process validation.
    • Wogen Limited for sales, marketing and distribution.
  • Subject to test work and studies, we expect first cash flow in 24 to 30 months.
  • Stock Exchange Listing is an active option within the next 12 months.

Ultra High Purity Quartz Sand

Validated Resource With Upside

Strong Team

Well Credentialed Partners


Offering new ordinary shares by way of bridging opportunity for investors at a 20% discount to the main A$5M raise targeted by Q3 2021.

$350,000 Commitments and funding already received with remaining capacity of $138,000.


High Purity Quartz Limited Announces Major Appointment

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