Imagine Intelligent Materials


Capital Raising A$2M


Developer of graphene-based coatings for industrial textiles and fibres

Business Highlights

Imagine is the leading Australian developer of graphene – based coatings for industrial textiles and fibres:

  1. Developer of sensing solutions using graphene together with the electronics to capture and communicate data, enabling analytics to be delivered.
  2. The solutions are low cost, have the ability to be scaled, and require an IP protected formulation of graphene requiring access to patents and trade secrets owned/controlled by Imagine.
  3. This represents value to listed companies producing graphene looking to increase their markets. 
  4. Imagine is strategically positioned for acquisition by global chemical/materials supply chain companies.

Imagine makes coatings to enable us to generate data from large surfaces – in walls, floors, dams, roads and infrastructure.

We know that it’s not enough to make a technical solution to address a problem. It has to be affordable in order to be taken seriously.




Industrial Textiles


A re-capitalization round at A$0.10 per share following a corporate restructure to raise up to A$2M (delivering a post money valuation $4.2M)

This is an opportunity to take advantage of the impact of a corporate restructure at a time when commercial interest in graphene is gaining traction, and data and IOT are acknowledged as high growth sectors.

Investors should note that:

  • Existing Shareholders anticipated to take up over A$600,000 in this round.
  • Existing employees/executives/noteholders have agreed to convert A$700,000 of debt into Ordinary Shares.

Use of Funds

  • Maintain materials supply chain for spinout companies until each is able to establish plants/alternative supply (Water leaks, mining conveyors, flooring).
  • Develop Proofs of Concept/Prototypes for customers in new and identified market verticals: Apparel, Defence, Logistics, Aging.
  • Maintain and grow IP portfolio esp. new patents. Increase university R&D partnerships.
  • Targeted new hires: biz dev, chemistry, process manufacturing, software to match new verticals.
  • Almost all expenditure will be eligible for Australian Federal Government R&D tax rebate – reducing net burn to A$80,000 per month.



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Chris Gilbey

Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Chairman

Jaakko Kaidesoja


Phillip Atichison

VP R&D / Co-founder

John Bell


Ville Tulonen

Senior Software Developer

Vito Giorgio

Research Engagement

Timo Huuhtanen

Head of SW Development

Darren O’Loughlin


Hannu Forslund


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