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UPDATE:  The Company has reached agreement on the purchase of its second farm on the NSW South Coast. Weekly sales continue to exceed projections building on the momentum of a successful ear when just over 200,000 doz oysters were marketed – a 10 fold increase on the previous year.

Quality and consistency remain its competitive advantages. Oysters were purchased from 40 growers during the year with the target for more growers supplying more of their output in the year ahead.

The Company is forecast to more than double sales to nearly 500,000 doz and this will be supported by a shift to a ‘hub and spoke’ distribution model – using boutique/high-end agents and distributors rather than making direct deliveries to individual restaurants.

The Company exchanged contracts on the first target acquisition farm and placed an order to purchase 4000 new floating bag production units to add to the farm’s production assets and infrastructure. This will generate a 50% increase in production by 2018.

This Australian company is building a vertically integrated oyster business and is raising expansion capital to fund the purchase, upgrade and operation of existing oyster growing businesses located in NSW.

AOC continues due diligence and negotiation on several other target properties in NSW and expects further acquisitions.

This investment opportunity allows for economies of scale across production, technology advances, marketing and distribution which will boost productivity and profitability. There are considerable first mover advantages through creating this multi-farm vertically integrated oyster businesses in Australia.

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A$10M – minimum subscription of A$50,000 @ AUD $1.00 per share (pre-money valuation – A$3.3M)A$3M
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