Rural Strategy Fund


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Business Highlights

The Strategy Fund is a syndicate methodology to acquire equity interests in quality agricultural properties enabling investors to directly participate in this vital and vibrant industry.

Using the latest internet technology and equity market concepts such as Separately Managed Accounts and Multi-Level Managed Investment Schemes, Investors will have an interest in the property which will be leased back to the Vendor of the relevant farm or normal commercial returns and terms and conditions.

Investors take NIL farming risk as this is purely an investment via a managed fund into productive rural real estate. Any default by the farm lease holder is identical to a tenant defaulting in a rented property.

Targeted long-term returns:

  • Capital Growth – circa 6% p.a
  • Rental Income – circa 4% p.a.

The Fund is a duly licenced managed investment fund that enables Investors to select properties of their choice in which they would like exposure to.

When sufficient funds have been raised in each relevant sub-fund the property is then purchased in the name of the sub-fund and Investors are issued units in proportion to the amount they invested.

The Fund simulates an investment in property, carrying out the due diligence process of conveyancing, valuation and property inspection but through a regulated structure enabling multiple investors to “own” a share of the property.

A liquidity facility is offered by the Fund Manager that enables investors who wish to liquidate their investment at any time to potentially sell their units to other investors.

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