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Business Highlights

Founded in 2015, this USA Company which has been supported by Keiretsu Forum Investors is a provider of location-based enterprise solutions that enable organizations to own and broadcast organic content generated by their networks.

The only private social media platform that enables organizations to own their content and their networks.

Regain control of your social audience – The Company offers your own social network with 100% reach, protected from competitive advertising.

Multiply your social media reach – the service in the hands of e.g. 1,000 supporters is like having 1,000 social media managers, who are posting organic content on your behalf.

Boost qualified traffic and convert it – The services social posts generate 9% click-through rates, driving heaps of qualified visitors, creating highly relevant conversion opportunities.

With cost of social media climbing 2X and trust at an all-time low, organizations need a better way to amplify their message. The Company lets organizations tap into the power of ORGANIC CONTENT (Videos, photos and genuine comments shared by individuals about the things that matter to them) created by their supporters.

Revenue Model:

  • SaaS
  • Basic – Free
  • Premium – US$XX/user/month
  • Enterprise – Starting at US$YY/month
  • Sponsorship – Channels sponsored by supporting organisations
  • Revenue Share – Channel owners charge users to join. Resulting revenue will be split between the Company and Channel owner.

Revenue Projections:

  • CY2018 – US$2.3M
  • CY2019 – US$9.9M

Experienced and well-respected Board and Management.

The Company has raised to date circa US$6.3M Seed Capital @ most recent pre-money EV US$20M including Keiretsu Forum Investors.

Exit Strategy – anticipated trade sale in 2021.

Key Transaction Information

The Company is looking to raise US$10M+ through a Series A capital raise @ pre-money EV US$70M from Accredited, QIB, Wholesale, Professional and Institutional Investors.

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