Sustainable Energy Resources


Completed Offer

Business Highlights

The Fund is a platform developed to find sustainable alternative energy resources that improve the planet, investing across projects of an alternative energy technology platform.

The technology platform efficiently converts waste or biomass into a clean, carbon-neutral, highly versatile natural gas substitute. This drives production of clean power, clean fuels and sustainable chemicals and is proven at scale.

The world’s recycling infrastructure is broken, and waste is a huge problem, projected to nearly double over 15 years with the problem being particularly acute in the developing world. The technology converts solid waste into a high value substitute for natural gas. There are three sources of competitive advantages: low capex cost, higher efficiency than incinerators and higher value beyond steam. The technology is backed by patents, over 10 years of R&D, partnerships and supported by an unrivalled team.

An IM and a call with the Fund’s founder are available to interested parties.

Key Transaction Information

US$24M has been funded to date and a further US$8M has been funded, led by a leading VC firm. Up to US$50M is targeted in project finance support of the technology platform’s efforts.

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