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The Sydney Rock Oyster is Australia’s prestige native oyster and naturally thrives in less than 41 locations on the east coast of Australia. These pristine waterways and undisputed provenance make the SRO a highly unique and exceptionally rare product, accounting for less than 1% of global oyster production.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of East 33’s business, employing world-class sustainability practices and actively seeking to collaborate with government, industry and the communities where it farms.

East 33 understands and cherishes the deep roots in the Great Lakes region, with many of our farmers being multi-generational leaders in the oyster industry as well as the local community.

East 33 is proud to play a key role in showcasing the incredible diversity, exceptional characteristics and extraordinary history of this uniquely Australian product to the world.

East 33 either directly or through a number of wholly owned subsidiaries:
  • holds an international export licence.
  • is the owner and operator of the iconic Hamilton’s Oyster Bar, Restaurant and Marina located directly on the shores of Wallis Lake.
  • owns a licenced export and distribution facility in Wallis Lake.
  • is the owner and operator of oyster farming leases in Wallis Lake and
  • is the owner and operator of an oyster nursery in Port Stephen.
  • Owns and operates an online e-commerce B2C platform with full cold chain logistics and delivery
As part of its growth strategy, East 33 has entered into arrangements to acquire a number of further farms and assets, which at this time have not yet been completed.

These arrangements include:
  • further oyster leases in Wallis Lake, Port Stephens and the Manning River.
  • production and operating equipment.
  • a processor and wholesaler of Sydney Rock Oysters with extensive downstream market reach, upstream access to regional supply and processing systems and procedures;
Growth strategy:
  • Volume Growth: Historic investment in infrastructure underpins the 275% volume growth from 4m oysters in FY20 to 15m oysters in FY22 (East 33 post IPO is already carrying already 45m saleable oysters in the water covering three-year projections).
  • Profit Growth: Basic economies of scale from consolidation sees a significant reduction in cost per unit over the initial two-year period alone, vertical integration consolidates profit margin in the supply chain.
  • Lucrative New Markets: Online sales and export market represent a significant opportunity to increase profitability and drive growth
  • Anticipated to handle approximately 25% of the limited supply Sydney Rock Oyster market. Following the completion of the acquisitions detailed in the Prospectus, East 33 is set to become the largest vertically integrated Sydney Rock Oyster producer and supplier.
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