Haoma Mining - Eligible Seller & Buyer Registration

This Ecosystem is a trading platform managed by PrimaryMarkets which enables you to sell or buy existing ordinary Shares in Haoma Mining.  

If you are an existing shareholder of Haoma Mining then you are granted permission to become a Seller Member of this Ecosystem. A Seller does not need to be a Sophisticated, Wholesale, Professional, Institutional or Experienced Investor. A Seller can be a retail investor. For more information on Seller qualification, please visit our FAQ or contact us on info@primarymarkets.com.

In order to be granted access to buy Shares in Haoma Mining, you must qualify as (i) a Wholesale, Sophisticated or Professional  or (ii) purchase shares via a duly licenced intermediary such as a retail stock broker. For more information on Buyer Qualification, please visit our FAQ or contact us on info@primarymarkets.com.

If you still wish to request access to the Ecosystem, please follow the registration process below.

If you have any questions, please email Tiffany Fok at tf@primarymarkets.com, or call 9993 4425.

Important Disclosure:
Please read FAQ Section of ASIC Class Order 02/273 and the implications to you by becoming a Member (refer Class Order Declaration).

I confirm that if I am a Buyer, then I am a Wholesale, Sophisticated or Professional Investor, and if am a Seller or a Buyer, I confirm I have read the relevant Members AgreementPrivacy, Terms & Conditions and ASIC Class Order Declaration 02/273 (as all disclosed in the PrimaryMarkets’ “Legal” webpage for becoming a Member of PrimaryMarkets). I irrevocably agree to be bound by the provisions of each of those documents as evidenced by my ticking the adjoining box.*

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