Company Overview

Our 300+ team includes experts in the research, design, engineering, manufacture, funding and marketing of new products and new businesses in the diagnostics, life sciences and healthcare industries.


Business divisions include:

PI Design services

PI Design division provides specialist services for the development of regulated biomedical products and hi-tech connected devices. We excel at exploiting the technology convergence between sectors such as Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Digital Health, Industrial and Consumer products.

PI Manufacturing services

Planet Innovation has its own internal manufacturing division for the manufacture of regulated products. We have considerable experience managing ISO 13485:2016 compliant medical device contract manufacturing, utilizing lean manufacturing principles.

PI Digital services

PI Digital delivers customized digital solutions by combining our collaborative engagement model with a strong commercial focus. We work with a broad range of businesses, from start-ups, to established industry leaders including Merck and Ramsay Health Care.

PI Labs

PI Labs is our internal division dedicated to incubating early stage ventures. We seek and address unmet needs in high-growth, global markets that the Planet Innovation team is well-positioned to exploit. We seed and explore early stage ventures based on strong market insight and a rapid time-to-market approach that allows us, or our partners, to quickly generate early customers.

PI Businesses

Planet Innovation’s corporate strategy is to incubate, grow and, at the right time, spin off high value technology businesses as independent entities. As each venture reaches an appropriate level of maturity it is spun off from the Planet Innovation parent company as a stand-alone entity, including securing direct capital funding to provide financial independence.


Financial Summary:

PI Services contributed $66.4 million in total revenue, inclusive of $7.3m revenue from services provided to partly owned PI ventures. On a like-for-like basis with FY19, this represents a 28% revenue increase (43% on a year-on-year basis, as revenues from services provided to PI ventures were excluded in prior years from PI Services revenue). PI Services EBITDA grew 56% year-on-year, contributing $10.9m. One of the drivers of this growth has been the COVID crisis, which has helped to focus attention on the importance of diagnostics in a range of healthcare settings and has driven demand across our services uniLumos Diagnostics – Revenue grew 31%

Zen Diagnostics – Revenue grew 48%


Company Directors:

Jonathan Ling
Chairman and Non-Executive Director

Stuart Elliott
Co-CEO and co-founder

Sam Lanyon
Co-CEO and co-founder

Eduardo Vom
Executive Director and co-founder

Troy O’Callaghan
Executive Director and co-founder

Euan Pizzey
Non-Executive Director

Jim Fox
Non-Executive Director

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