November 06, 2017


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I once lost $2 at the races. I spent over $3M trying to win it back” – Mickey RooneyWe, at PrimaryMarkets, believe in the power of statistics when making investment decisions. Applying this logic we set out below relevant Melbourne Cup Statistics to help guide any foolhardy punters amongst our 29,000+ investor network.

Melbourne Cup Barrier Statistics

  • Barrier 18 is the only gate never to produce a winner since barriers came in in 1924
  • The most successful barriers have been 9 – 12 with eight victories from 2006 – 2016
  • Barrier 11 has produced more Melbourne Cup winners than any other (8 wins until 2016)

Melbourne Cup Saddlecloth Statistics

  • Numbers 4 and 12 are the most successful boasting 11 wins.
  • No 4 and No 12 with 11 wins
  • No 1 with 10 wins
  • No 6 with 9 wins
  • No 5 and No 8 with 8 wins
  • No 2 and No 11 with 7 wins
  • The Unluckiest Melbourne Cup saddlecloth (1) is No. 18
  • Makybe Diva winning in 2005 wearing No.1. The last horse carrying No.1 prior to that was Rising Fast in 1954.

Melbourne Cup Winner Stats – Age

  • Four and five year old horses have the best record
  • In the decade from 2006 – 2016 six 6YOs won the Melbourne Cup – including Prince Of Penzance (2015)
  • Only two eight-year-olds have won the Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup Winner Stats – Sex

  • Makybe Diva is the most famous mare to win the Melbourne Cup (2003, 2004, 2005)
  • No mare has won the Melbourne Cup since
  • Stallions (Entires) hold the record
  • Just three fillies have won the Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup Weight Facts

  • In the past decade the average Melbourne Cup weight carried to victory is 54kg – 55kg
  • Heaviest weight carried to victory was Carbine with 10 stone 5 pounds (66.0kg) in 1890
  • Phar Lap carried the highest weight with 10 stone 10lg (68kg) but lost
  • Lowest Weight carried to victory was Banker with just 33.5kg in 1863

Melbourne Cup Winning Colours

  • More winning jockeys have worn black as their main colour than any other colour
  • Navy blue and royal blue is the next best and more popular in recent Melbourne Cup history

Melbourne Cup Betting Favourites

  • Melbourne Cup betting favourites have won 32 times (until 2017)
  • Fiorente (2013) was the last favourite to salute for the punters
  • Did you know – Makybe Diva won the 2003 Melbourne Cup but she didn’t start favourite, Mamool did and then finished last (23rd of 23rd)
  • Phar Lap was the shortest priced favourite to win when 8/11 in 1930, followed by Revenue (7/4 in 1901) and Archer (2/1 in 1962)
  • Only three triple figure roughies have won the Melbourne Cup with The Pearl (100-1 in 1871), Wotan (100-1 in 1936) and Old Rowley (100-1 in 1940)

Melbourne Cup Best Horse Names

  • Since 1924 only 9 horses with a first name that begins with a vowel have won. Of these 5 began with the letter E (Efficient, Ethereal, Empire Rose, Even Stevens and Evening Deal).
  • The most common are horses whose names begin with the letter S (9 winners), followed by R (8 victories). On the other hand, horses whose name starts with I, Q, U, X and Y have never won the Cup.