Equity Interest in Louisiana Oil and Gas Project

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Price Guide USD $1.15M for 10 Units equalling a 33.75% Net Revenue Interest (NRI) in the Project @ USD$115,000 per Unit equating to 3.375% NRI in the Project. Minimum investment of USD$57,500 per Fractional Unit (0.5 Unit)
Status: Closed


Operated by experienced oil and gas exploration and development companies based in Texas, USA, the Project is a Saratoga Chalk development in Sabine Parish, Louisiana, USA with approximately 12,000 leased acres.

To date, ~US$8M has been spent on the acquisition of the leases that include purchasing the complete set of geology and seismic data reports that covers 20 square miles (which indicates large remaining oil and gas reserves) and the operations, drilling and logging of the first wells to approximately 4,500 feet (Phase 1). Phase 1 drilling has been completed and the wells are currently producing both oil and gas.

Phase 2 of the Project is seeking to raise US$1.15M in exchange for a 33.75% Net Revenue Interest in one new oil well to be drilled on oil producing leases in Sabine Parish Louisiana. These proceeds will be used to fund further geology, surveying, engineering, drilling and operation costs.

Open only to:

  • QIBs (Qualified Institutional Buyer) - Entity with >USD$100M
  • Qualified Purchasers - Liquid net worth >USD$5M


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