Asset Name: Explosive Trace Detection System – Capital Raising
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Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities
Sale Type: Asking Price
Price Guide: AUD Up to A$6M capital raising
***A$3M Already Committed***

Status: Open


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This Australian company has launched the world’s first explosive trace detection (“ETD”) system to detect trace amounts of home-made inorganic explosives. There is no ETD system that detects inorganic explosives currently in the global US$1B ETD market, yet inorganic explosives are the main threat in many countries. 

The technology has been successfully evaluated by global regulators (Fraunhofer / German Federal Police) and major manufacturers (Smiths Detection, the global leader in aviation security) following over a decade of R&D involving security agencies and research institutions in the US, Australia and Europe

The core team of business and market development personnel in US and Australia are in place, with the first product release in mid 2018.

Raising A$6m to transfer the product to production, establish initial manufacturing facilities, and strengthen sales and service channels.


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