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This Australian Company is an Internet of Things technology company. It has developed proprietary technology to make fabrics “smart” (i.e. able to communicate) using graphene. Instead of sensing anywhere – using individual sensors with individual needs for power and networking, this company enables sensing to take place everywhere, in real time, and at low cost. The whole textile becomes the sensor, and the material itself communicates. The Company has developed sensing equipment and is partnering with Amazon Web Services to use its IoT platform to exploit the data it collects.

The Company is the first commercial manufacturer of graphene in Australia with a factory in Geelong, where it can reliably produce commercial quantities of graphene It is the global leader in vertically integrated sensing (from the materials manufacture through to data and information capture).
The Company has licensed its first solution to the largest textile manufacturer in Australia, Geofabrics, and has an agreement to supply it with materials. The Company’s first product has been launched by Geofabrics and successfully installed at an Origin Energy facility in Queensland. There it proved its ability to inexpensively and efficiently identify leaks in containment tanks before their commission.

The Company has a full order book until December 2018 to meet demand from Geofabrics customers. It has received R&D grants from Transurban (to develop pressure sensing for roads) and NERA (to develop sensing components for use in equipment used in mining).

The Company received its first export order in October 2017 from the USA and plans to commence operations there in early 2018 and then expand into global markets in applications in the civil engineering, aerospace, automotive and defence sectors.


The Company was recently accepted into Plug and Play initiatives in both Silicon Valley and Europe which link companies with large corporate partners. In particular, Startup Autobahn is important because of the automotive sector and the increasing interest from the automotive supply chain to find cost-effective ways to make large areas of the cockpit into sensors.


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