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Imagine ON-Q at MAV

A re-capitalization round at A$0.10 per share following a corporate restructure to raise up to A$2m.

Business Overview

Imagine Intelligent Materials (“Imagine IM” or “Imagine”) is the leading Australian developer of graphene – based coatings for industrial textiles and fibres:

Corporate Structure: Unlisted Australian Public Company

  • This is an opportunity to participate in a company that has award winning technology and which has identified a significant number of commercial opportunities and has had to restructure
  • Imagine has reduced its overhead to be maintained at under $80k pm – and that will reduce further as a result of R&D agreements with spinouts
  • Spinouts establish agreements with global companies as commercial partners, validating the technology in the market
  • The goal is for each spinout to achieve an early liquidity event in its own right
  • The Recap Round is congruent with Imagine’s transition into a “Graphene Products Innovation Centre” with funding supporting increased patenting driven by strong direct knowledge of market need

This is an opportunity to take advantage of the impact of a corporate restructure at a time when commercial interest in graphene is gaining traction, and data and IOT are acknowledged as high growth sectors.

Imagine holds 25% of equity in each spinout and shareholders will receive in specie benefit from any liquidity event.

The initial spinouts are:

  • Imagine Resources Technology Pty Ltd
  • Imagine Sensing Buildings Oy (Finland)
  • Imagine Intelligent Flooring Technologies Inc (USA)

Imagine intends to create further spinouts over the next year. This will transform Imagine Imagine into a holding company serving the needs of global market verticals with a diversified portfolio of graphene-based IP.

Strong IP development and licensing assets are at the core with a lean structure with low fixed costs (<A$1 million net expense per year).

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