Greatcell Energy - The Future of Solar Power

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Press Release: Greatcell Energy secures €400,000 funding, and partnership in European Union Graphene Project. 

Greatcell’s partners in this project have developed a two-terminal tandem perovskite-silicon solar cell with a conversion efficiency of more than 26%. For reference, Solar cell energy conversion efficiencies for commercially available multicrystalline Si solar cells are around 14–19%.  Read More


Phase I Business model is to provide Micro-Power for IoT devices using third generation solar technologies, suitable for indoor applications. There are over 9 billion IoT devices in use, and all of them need power!

Owner of all the Solar technology including all the IP, patents, trademarks, and 15 years of practical knowledge in PSC technology with over $1M of specialized equipment for setting up pilot production plant in Q1 2020. The Company also holds shares in technical partner, Singapore company and an Italian subsidiary, including 3 substantial EU projects and equipment for design, testing and manufacture of PSC cells with option to acquire valuable technology licences from other pioneers in PSC technology


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