HydraLight International - Capital Raise

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Price Guide AUD $5M Capital Raise
Status: Open



Hydra Light™ International Ltd. (“HLI”) has developed a fuel cell technology which is simply activated by immersing the cell in plain water. The Hydra Cell™ generates its own power, when activated, as opposed to a traditional battery which stores and releases power.

Current iterations of the cell include power flashlights and lanterns, an annual US$16 billion global market, as well as lighting products (i.e. downlights) and power banks (i.e. charge mobile phones). Higher powered cells are in development which will allow expansion into niche markets and industrial applications.

The Hydra Cell™ and lighting and power applications developed by Hydra Light™ are environmentally friendly and provide a real and safe alternative source of energy to the 1.2 billion people globally that have no or intermittent access to electricity.

HLI has developed a number of products for commercializing its technology. The continued innovation of the Hydra Cell™ and associated products is a key objective to maximize growth and value.


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