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10th December 2020

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Company: Luminous - Modern Venture Partners

Sector: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Type: Managed Fund
Description: Modern Venture Partners (MVP) has established a unique approach to venture capital (VC) that allows HNW and Family Offices investors to participate in some of the most intriguing and hard-to-access start-ups. MVP is currently raising a US$2M for a ‘DealShare’ (deal-by-deal investment) for Luminous Computing.

Luminous is a developer of novel photonics chips that leverage the physical characteristics of photons to process the exponentially increasing compute workloads in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications

Luminous is raising US$100M in a Series A round, this round is led by Midas List investor Luke Nosek (co-founder of Founders Fund and PayPal) with the participation of Bill Gates.

This MVP Fund is raising US$2M.


TechTalk Video


Online HR Marketplaces are showing promising profit potential

  • Billy Tucker of Oneflare
  • Nicole Cook of The Practice
  • Benjamin Chong of Right Click Capital
The group discusses a range of topics, including the key differentiators of each of the featured companies, how they each hope to reach the heights of larger platforms, the profit potential of the sector and much more.

How Access to Private Capital Is Far Easier Now - No Need to IPO

Four years ago, when Afterpay (ASX:APT) listed on the ASX its Board of Directors had to way up the pro’s and con’s of IPOing. In reality, at that time, access to private capital was limited and much harder to access than it is today.

Accessing the public market for capital at that time was really the only way for an early-stage Australian company to rapidly scale up.
Afterpay CEO Anthony Eisen recently recalled the fraught decision-making process to take the company public........

Company: Genex Power (ASX: GNX)
Sector: Renewable Energy
Type: Investor Centre
Description: Genex Power (ASX:GNX) has announced that it has successfully achieved transformer energisation of the Jemalong Solar Project, located near Forbes in central NSW. This milestone follows successful installation of all the solar panels at the Project.......

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