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13th October 2020

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Private Trading Hubs

If you are an unlisted company thinking about;

  • Company founders looking to sell down their shareholding or
  • Offering liquidity to existing shareholders
Then PrimaryMarkets Trading Platform may be able to assist. The Platform not only improves trading liquidity for unlisted companies but also provides access to new capital, reaching over 110,000 wholesale, sophisticated and institutional investors globally with $100m of securities already traded.

We currently have over 65 companies listed on our Platform where investors can choose to trade.

Outlined below are some of the benefits of a Private Trading Hub which enables securityholders to list and sell their securities.


Secondary Trading

Company: Impossible Foods

Sector :Food Manufacturing

Description: Impossible Foods is a provider of plant-based beef products. The company's plant-based burgers combine natural ingredients like fats, aminoacids and vitamins to create faux-meat that delivers the texture and aroma of conventional beef, enabling consumers to access an alternative to conventional meat and dairy products. The company, recently raised $200m in Series G bringing total funding to $1.5bn supported by Temasek and Mirae asset Global Investments.

The company offers products via companies like Burger King and Starbucks. If you would like to buy shares click below

Click to Trade Impossible Foods →

Secondary Trading

Company: Desktop Metal

Sector :3D Prinitng

Description: Developer of 3D metal printers designed to make 3D printing accessible for engineering teams. The company's 3D metal printers are office-friendly and do not require third party equipment or special facilities, enabling engineering and manufacturing teams to produce metal parts from prototyping to mass production in an affordable way.

The company has seen its price soar over the past five years, from US$0.53 for its Series A to just slightly more than US$10 for its Series E shares it sold last year.

Click to Trade Desktop Metal →

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