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16th June 2020

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

We feature a number of secondary trading opportunities that are currently live on on the PrimaryMarkets Platform.

Also, we remind our network to take advantage of tax loss selling opportunities before 30 June 2020.


Verita HealthCare Group has been built from the outset to be an integrated platform combining “bricks and mortar” specialised clinics and innovative products with cutting edge technologies including MedTech, IOT, analytics and AI. These three Pillars form the structure and revenue ecosystem for the business.

For 2020 June Year end, management is targeting Revenue of SGD81.4million with an EBITDA SGD 13.9million. Verita’s fast growing global footprint now spans Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, harnessing the best medical professionals, protocols, sciences and technologies to deliver world-class preventative, precision, patient-centric healthcare.

For more information regarding this secondary trading opportunity Click Here.

Agripower has been at the forefront of national and international research and development of silica based agricultural inputs and has ongoing worldwide crop trials demonstrating the application of Agrisilica fertilisers. These tests and trials have proven many positive benefits of using Agrisilica products for the soils and for the plants.

Agripower’s unique range of AgrisilicaTM fertilisers and soil amendments are produced in Queensland and sold domestically and into export markets as an accredited organic agricultural input with applications across cropping, horticulture, orchards, lawns and turf.

For more information about Agripower secondary parcels we have available Click Here.

SocietyOne is hitting its stride, loan originations are sharply higher, it has just secured a new warehouse funding facility with National Australia Bank, and a long-anticipated public market listing could happen this year.

Founded in 2012, the Company has matched investors funds with over 24,000+ customers and with the support of strong shareholders has gone from strength to strength, evolving from a small online start-up to an industry leading scale-up.

SocietyOne continues to grow, recently passing $600 million in lending and now has a goal of reaching $1 billion in lending by 2020.

For more information about SocietyOne secondary parcels we have available Click Here.

Steppes Private Equity – Share Sale

Steppes Private Equity Partners 1 LP is a Cayman Island limited partnership that was established in September 2018 when investors subscribed private equity assets into the fund. The fund is managed by Steppes Management and has produced an annualised return of 21.51% per annum since 2010. The portfolio of Steppes Private Equity Partners 1 LP consists of assets focused on essential natural resources that are projected to benefit from the next phase of the natural resource valuation cycle.

The portfolio currently consists of 21 investments in portfolio companies and has an average ownership interest in the portfolio companies of 8.08% with the highest being 16.45% and the lowest being 2.12%.

Long-term outlook for the portfolio is extremely positive, projecting significant returns over a 5-year timeframe as demand for natural resources increases in line with economic growth, population growth and urbanisation.

Funds under management is in excess of US $1 billion. Steppes PE aims to provide its holders with long term capital growth.

For more information please contact PrimaryMarkets Senior ManagerOscar de Vries.

HappyCo builds mobile and cloud-based applications for smarter business operations. As leaders in Mobile Enterprise 3.0, the Company is at the forefront of a new era in enterprise computing that embraces vertical, mobile-first solutions that delight business users and don’t demand a large IT department to run.

The Company was founded by Australian entrepreneurs and is now based in San Francisco, tackling a $10 billion addressable market opportunity. The Company is already cashflow and EBITDA positive and is in an exciting growth phase, having recently completed a capital raise at a $100 million pre-money valuation.

For more information about HappyCo secondary parcels we have availableClick Here.

Take advantage of the PrimaryMarkets platform to sell all or some of your existing shares or units to realise tax losses before 30 June 2020

PrimaryMarkets is pleased to offer our Members a facility to enable them to sell all or some of their existing holdings of shares or units to realise tax losses where the traditional methods of sale, disposal or liquidity are not available.

Our facility is ideally suited to shareholders and unitholders in private companies or unlisted public or listed companies whose securities have ceased to trade, have been suspended, delisted, gone into administration, receivership or liquidation.

PrimaryMarkets is currently taking expressions of interest from companies, superannuation funds and individuals looking to sell units in Unlisted Property Funds.

The key areas of interest for our Buy-Side investor include:

  • Property Sectors
  • Property Credit Funds
  • Property Equity Funds

If you are interested in learning more about how PrimaryMarkets can help you buy, sell or search for a specific security please reach out to our PrimaryMarkets team at info@primarymarkets.com .


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