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17th September 2020

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Today, we feature, GMDx a genomics testing company that delivers the next generation of immunogenomic diagnostics in oncology.

Also, a shareholder update from HydraLight International, which has developed technology to create useable DC power by harnessing the electrons liberated from a magnesium anode immersed in salt water and an update from Haoma Mining.

Finally, a reminder that PrimaryMarkets operates a Private Trading Hub for Haoma Mining on the Platform.



GMDx is a genomics testing company that delivers the next generation of immunogenomic diagnostics in oncology. GMDx was established in 2015 to further develop and commercialise the discoveries of Dr Robyn Lindley. GMDx has developed a comprehensive and powerful genomic-profile testing platform with the clinical applications in oncology for:

  • predicting patient response to immunotherapy treatment and
  • predicting cancer progression.

The GMDx platform technology combines proprietary predictive algorithms, a strong and extensive IP portfolio, sophisticated analytics and machine learning capabilities that provide customers with clinical grade whole genome testing.

GMDx is an Australian company raising A$1.7M, for more Information Click Here.


HydraLight is pleased to publicise the August Shareholder update, some key points from the announcement are:

  • Kickstarter campaign, which generated A$150k in revenue (approximately 2,000 units), to launch the HydraCell (Power) Cube
  • The successful delivery of the HydraCell Cube will allow Hydralight to further progress ongoing discussions with key industry and retail groups in the developing world.
  • Samples of the Aqua-Tac flashlight/torch (with the new smaller HC1D HydraCell) have attracted significant interest and positive feedback from many market participants.
  • The first production run of the Orca Torch Light is nearing completion.
  • Hydralight completed the third-party verification, at a leading international institution, of its technology (excl. the HydraCell Cube) and its performance characteristics in June 2020.

Hydralight is raising capital via a Convertible Note, with a two year 5% coupon and convertible into ordinary shares at $0.10 per share raising A$1M.

To view the full shareholder update please Click Here.


Haoma Mining has advised that processing of 1,094 tonnes of ore trucked from the Just-In-Time Mine south of Marble Bar and near the historical Comet Gold Mine has been completed. To date 1,315.68g (1.2g/t) of gold from just nuggets and fine gold has been produced. 

To read the full shareholder update Click Here.

Hamoma Mining has appointed PrimaryMarkets to operate and manage a Private Trading Hub for the sale and purchase of existing shares in Haoma Mining.

For more information on trading Haoma Mining shares Click Here.


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