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19th January 2021

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Company: Endless Solar Corporation
Sector: Solar Technology
Type: Capital Raise
Description: Endless Solar is a leading producer and developer of solar air conditioning and hot water technologies. Endless Solar has invested 12 years of R&D into Energy and Utility technologies. The company is now undertaking commercial implementation. An overview of how the technology works:

  • Endless Solar generates up to 90% of a homes heating and cooling using solar
  • Proven patented solar air conditioning (heat pump) technology to heat and cool residential / commercial locations
  • Integrates with a solar hot water and PV battery system to keep running after sunset
  • Eliminates the summer afternoon power surge

Endless Solar is an Australian company raising A$2.5M (A$10.5M Valuation).


Company: Ultra HPQ Ltd
Sector: Mineral Technology
Type: Capital Raise (Bridging Round)
Description: Ultra HPQ sand is one of the world’s most critical minerals and is essential in the manufacturing of high-growth Green-Tech and Hi-Tech applications, specifically;

  • Fibre optics, lenses, medical, lab quartzware and LED lighting.
  • Solar PV cell wafers which are essential in the manufacture of all Solar PV cells.
  • Semiconductor wafers used in the manufacture of chips essential for smartphones, electric vehicles, cloud computing and digital products.

Products manufactured using ultra high purity quartz are critical to enabling a cleaner and smarter future.

Ultra HPQ aims to ensure that security of supply in these key markets is diversified away from sole exposure to USA supply.

Over 40% of bridging round already committed and to be used for final testing prior to production.


Company: Greatcell Energy
Sector : Solar Technology
Type: Capital Raise
Business Update: A unique opportunity to invest in a renewable energy/impact investing company with a history of success and ground-breaking technology which could revolutionise the energy industry.

Greatcell Energy has acquired a range of assets including:

Disruptive Technology - Greatcell Energy is building on an excellent IP base in RDT&E and the manufacture of disruptive 3rd generation solar cells, developed over 20 years for use in Electric Vehicles, Boarder security, Digital farming and flexible micro power units.

Solar Innovators - Greatcell Energy is at the forefront of the global innovation in 3rd Generation Perovskite Solar Cell technology which has the advantages of:

  • Thin flexible film technology which can be deposited on flexible plastic.
  • Maintains cell voltage across a wide range of light intensity.

Greatcell Energy is an Australian company is raising A$1M (A$5M pre money Valuation). A current prospectus is available.

Please contact us for access to this unique world leading technology.


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