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19th November 2020

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Capital Raise - Business Update

Company: GMDx Genomics
Sector: Genome Healthcare
Type: Primary Equity Raise
Description: GMDx Genomics patents now granted in the USA and China. An important milestone; the granting of the first patent in the USA and China, bringing the total number of patents granted globally to 14.

GMDx continues to expand its patent portfolio that includes patents and patent applications in the areas of Oncology, Virology and Cognitive Impairment.

GMDx is an Australian company raising A$1.7M.
Property Fund
Company: Pallas Capital
Sector: Property
Type: Secured Bond
Description: Pallas Capital is a specialist commercial real estate financier and investment manager and a wholly owned subsidiary of Pallas Group.

Pallas has an impeccable track record providing in excess of A$415m total investments since inception across 73 debt and equity transactions (55 debt) and a range of real estate sectors, currently totalling in excess of A$260million in single asset and diversified trusts Funds Under Management (FUM) as at 30 September 2020. Of those 73 transactions, 39 are first mortgages that have delivered an average net return of 9.4% pa.

Pallas Capital is raising up to A$100m. A fixed coupon of 7.5% p.a. is payable over a 4 year term in denominations of A$10,000.

Property Fund
Company: NIVA Group
Sector: Property
Type: Managed Fund
Description: NIVA brings together ISG’s expert fund management skills and Noble Ventures’ property development and management capabilities to create a stronger, high performing business unit that has few peers in the industry.

Read about NIVA Group exciting Derwent Valley Project:

NIVA Group is raising up to A$45M.


Investor Centre
Company: Genex Power (ASX: GNX)
Sector : Renewable Energy
Type: Investor Centre
Description: Genex Power (ASX:GNX) held its AGM yesterday, at which the chairman provided an update on the Genex projects:

  • Kidston Solar, Pumped Hydro and Wind Projects
  • Jemalong Solar Project
  • Bouldercombe Battery Project

Genex Power's current market capitalisation is A$100M.

Secondary Trading
Company: Virgin Hyperloop One
Sector: Transportation
Type: Secondary Share Sale
Description: Virgin Hyperloop One designs and develops hyperloop technology in order to reinvent the transportation of passengers and mixed-use cargo. The technology is based on the concept of moving vehicles at high speeds through a combination of low-pressure tubes and repelling magnets. Hyperloop One became the first company in the world to test a full-scale hyperloop in May 2017.

Total funding to date US$520M.

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