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1st December 2020

Tuesday, December 01, 2020
Company: Ultra HPQ
Sector: Mineral Technology
Type: Capital Raise
Description: Ultra-high purity quartz sand is one of the world’s most critical mineral and is essential in the manufacture of high-growth Green tech and Hi-Tech applications, specifically;.
  • Fibre optics/lenses and medical/lab quartzware and lighting industries.
  • Solar PV cell wafers essential to the manufacture of all Solar PV cells to power the growth in renewable energy.
  • Semiconductor wafers (used in the manufacture of chips essential for all Smartphones, all EVs, all Cloud Computing Digital Products and all related applications and platforms.
The end products manufactured using ultra high purity quartz are critical to enabling a cleaner and smarter furture.
Ultra HPQ expects to ensure that security of supply in these key manufacture markets is diversified from exposure to sole USA supply.

Ultra HPQ is now seeking a bridge raise of A$250,000 (A$90,000 already committed).

Company: Haoma Mining NL
Sector: Mining
Type: Private Trading Hub
Description: Haoma Mining issued a shareholder update giving the latest figures on the progress of:
  • Haoma's Spear Hill Tenement Group.
  • Bamboo Creek Plant.
  • Rare Earths Activities.
To view the full shareholder update Click Here.
PrimaryMarkets operate a Private Trading Hub for Haoma Mining, giving liquidity for Hamoa Shareholders.

Company: NIVA Group
Sector: Property
Type: Managed Fund
Description: NIVA brings together ISG’s expert fund management skills and Noble Ventures’ property development and management capabilities to create a stronger, high performing business unit that has few peers in the industry.
NIVA Group is raising up to A$45M.


Company: Pallas Capital
Sector: Property
Type: Secured Bond
Description: Pallas Capital is a specialist commercial real estate financier and investment manager and a wholly owned subsidiary of Pallas Group.


Pallas has an impeccable track record providing in excess of A$415m total investments since inception across 73 debt and equity transactions (55 debt) and a range of real estate sectors, currently totalling in excess of A$260million in single asset and diversified trusts Funds Under Management (FUM) as at 30 September 2020. Of those 73 transactions, 39 are first mortgages that have delivered an average net return of 9.4% pa.


Pallas Capital is raising up to A$100m. A fixed coupon of 7.5% p.a. is payable over a 4 year term in denominations of A$10,000.


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