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20th October 2020

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Company: GMDx Genomics


Type: Primary equity raise

Business Update: GMDx is well advanced in a current study with The CRC for Mental Health (which includes The Florey Institute, The CSIRO and several others) regarding the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. This study has been undertaken in order to validate an important GMDx genomic application and build on the very successful proof of concept completed by GMDx in 2019 in this area. This study is expected to be completed prior to the end of 2020.

The first GMDx patent application in relation to cognitive impairment (including Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders) was lodged by the company in 2019.

In additional to the current research and development for genomic applications in Cognitive Impairment and Oncology, GMDx has now partnered with Oracle to provide Genomic Data Services to the wider market. This undertaking will provide GMDx customers and collaborators with access to a new generation of genomic analytics to enhance research and development capabilities, drug discovery and development and clinical trials.

Description: GMDx is a genomics testing company that delivers the next generation of immunogenomic diagnostics in oncology. GMDx was established in 2015 to further develop and commercialise the discoveries of Dr Robyn Lindley. GMDx has developed a comprehensive and powerful genomic-profile testing platform with the clinical applications in oncology for:
  • predicting patient response to immunotherapy treatment and
  • predicting cancer progression.
The GMDx platform technology combines proprietary predictive algorithms, a strong and extensive IP portfolio, sophisticated analytics and machine learning capabilities that provide customers with clinical grade whole genome testing.

GMDx is an Australian company raising A$1.7M.

GMDx Capital Raise → Company: STAR Water

Sector :Environmental - Water Recycling

Type: Primary equity raise

Business Update: STAR Water is aligned with two of the federal governments target industry sectors – Advanced Manufacturing and Recycling as set out in the $1.5bn Economic Stimulus Package. STAR Water uses Materials Science, Engineering and Computer Science to develop Advanced Bio-Filtration Technologies using recycled materials. STAR Water recently installed in Newcastle, NSW a filter made from 100% recycled components. This not only solves a waste issue but also protects communities and waterways from polluted run-off while harnessing the treated water for re-use.

Description: STAR Water is a global innovator with exclusive, leading-edge, impact technologies that are revolutionising key aspects of drainage, pollutant removal, water reuse and waste water recycling systems. Water, energy and waste are three essential services for any city. STAR Water technology is at the forefront of sustainable systems for these services.

Star Water is an Australian company looking to raise A$5M

Star Water Capital Raise → VGW Company: iSignthis (ASX: ISX)

Sector: Fintech 

Type: Wanted secondary shares for sale

Description:We have a client interested in acquiring up to A$1.5M of shares iniSignthis Limited (ASX:ISX). If you are an existing Wholesale or Sophisticated shareholder in ISX and would like to get liquidity for your ISX shares please register your interest in selling below.

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