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23rd February 2021

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Company: Invigor Group Limted (ASX: IVO)
Sector: Data Analytics
Description: Invigor is one of Australasia's leading data analytics and business intelligence companies.
Invigor is a data analytics and insights business with a suite of AI driven competitor price comparison and revenue optimization tools.
As market conditions shift to online and dramatically become more digitized and channels more fragmented, Invigor helps brands and retailers to actively find opportunities and maximize revenue by the use of analytical tools to make better informed decisions.
  • Invigor transacts with global customers throughout Europe and Australia, providing B2B data intelligence for brands and retailers.
  • Invigor has built a proprietary platform with predictive engines to provide recommendations and insights that empower businesses to successfully influence customers purchasing patterns and drive further growth.
  • Corporate Clients include: SMEG, KitchenAid and The Good Guys in the Consumer Electronics and Pernod Ricard, Moet Hennessy, Diageo, ALM/Metcash, Carlton & United Breweries, Asahi Group and Lion in the Liquor and FMCG verticals.
  • Government Clients: Invigor has won two tenders assisting both the WA and NSW economic regulatory authorities with the impacts of the implementation of the Container Deposit Scheme, and looks to carry out similar work in the future.

Opportunity: Invigor is an ASX listed company (currently suspended) which is preparing to get its suspension lifted. Invigor is currently undertaking a capital raise of up to A$1.5M via the issue of 1.5M convertibles notes at a value of A$1.00 each. The notes will have a conversion price equal to a 30% discount to the relisting price.

For more information including investment memorandum and term sheet click below.

Company: GigSuper Pty Ltd
Sector: Superannuation / Fintech

Self-employed Australians are hugely disadvantaged in terms of retirement savings. The majority of self-employed Australians have lower levels of superannuation across all age groups compared with other employees and most will struggle to achieve a comfortable retirement, GigSuper is the first mover in a new category of super that addresses the needs of over 2.2 million self-employed Australians.

GigSuper competes in ways that Big Super doesn’t. GigSuper:
  • Integrates into self-employed communities
  • Presents super from a self-employed perspective
  • Automates contributions and tax deductions
  • Helps with cashflow
  • Provides the right insurance
  • Provides tools, services, and content that helps members not only with their super, but also with their business.
  • The GigSuper App also has a number of product features designed specifically for self-employed members, including a built-in saver account, automated tax claims, insurance cover, life stage investment options, digital nudges, and one-touch consolidation.
Opportunity: The Company is seeking up to $A2.5M in equity funding, by way issue of shares, at a price per share of A$1.85

Capital Raise - Pre-IPO - World's First Instant COVID-19 Test
Company: Inventive Healthcare Solutions Pty Limited (Inventive Health)
Sector: Health Technology


Description: Inventive Healthcare sources and distributes leading-edge medical diagnostic devices from around the globe. It brings access to accurate, low cost and instantaneous testing solutions at any point of care and addresses global healthcare and economic challenges.

Inventive Health has teamed up with Virusight, an Israeli medical diagnostic solutions company to deliver a world first point-of-care test that provides on-site analysis and results within seconds for a COVID-19 test thereby reducing future outbreaks.
  • The Virusight device offers fast, accurate, low cost testing that can be deployed in any environment. Unlike the current tests, which are based on chemistry, the Virusight test comprises the SpectraLIT device that utilises a patented computer chip and spectrometry powered by a Smartphone App.
  • The device is in the process of receiving FDA approval and has tested highly accurate to detecting the presence of COVID-19 and other pathogens.
  • Currently there are over 40 countries where the device is being trialled, including a major trial in Australia.
  • Inventive Health has exclusive rights to the solution for Australian, New Zealand and the UK
Opportunity: The Company is looking to raise up to A$4.4M via the issue of 4.4M convertibles notes at a value of A$1.00 each. The notes will have a conversion price equal to a 30% discount to the IPO price. Inventive Health already has commitments for A$4.09M of the raise.
For more information including investment memorandum and term sheet click below.

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