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23rd July 2020

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Today we feature some Secondary Trading opportunities that are on our Platform, Agripower, SocietyOne and iSignthis. Also, we show you howPrimaryMarketscan help you Buy/Sell or source unlisted shares and units.

PrimaryMarkets is again delighted to have secured 50 invitations for our investor network to attend the upcoming49th True Global Ventures Conference: “Forced Digitalisation – The Opportunity of the Century"online interactive global conference being broadcast from Singapore next Wednesday 29th July 2020. One of the presenters is Yat Sui, CEO of Aniomca Brands, a Company which has a Private Trading Hub on thePrimaryMarketsPlatform.


Agripower is at the forefront of international research and development of silica based agricultural inputs and has ongoing worldwide crop trials demonstrating the application of Agrisilica fertilisers. These tests and trials have proven that using Agrisilica products has many benefits for both soils and plants.

Agripower’s unique range of AgrisilicaTM fertilisers and soil amendments are produced in Queensland. They are sold both domestically and into export markets as an accredited organic agricultural input with applications across cropping, horticulture, orchards, lawns and turf.

For more information about available Agripower shares Click Here.



SocietyOne Founded in 2012, the Company has matched investors funds with over 24,000+ customers and with the support of strong shareholders has gone from strength to strength, evolving from a small online start-up to an industry leading scale-up.

SocietyOne continues to grow, recently passing $600 million in lending and now has a goal of reaching $1 billion in lending by 2020.

For more information about SocietyOne secondary parcels we have available Click Here.



PrimaryMarkets currently has 1 million Isignthis Limited (ASX:ISX)shares for sale.Isignthisis a global RegTech leader in remote identity verification, payment authentication with deposit taking, transactional banking and payment processing capability.

If you are a Wholesale or Sophisticated accredited investor and would like to purchase ISX shares please register your interest by Clicking Here.



Are you looking to buy or sell securities in any particular unlisted company or Fund either in Australia or elsewhere?

PrimaryMarkets is able to assist you through our 110,000+ global network of buyers and sellers. The PrimaryMarkets Platform makes it easy to access investment opportunities and find liquidity.

We can even leverage our network to assist you in finding specific secondary security opportunities, i.e. securities or companies that youwant to buy.

If you are interested in learning more about how PrimaryMarkets can help you buy, sell or search for a specific security please reach out to our PrimaryMarkets team at info@primarymarkets.com .




49th True Global Ventures Conference: “Forced Digitalisation – The Opportunity of the Century”

Date Wednesday 29th July 2020 

Time: 10am AEST (8am Singapore Time)

True Global Ventures is a Global Equity Group established in 2011 investing exclusively in Serial Entrepreneurs across 30 global cities in Asia, North America and Europe. TGV invests mainly in 4 verticals: Video Gaming and Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Technology Infrastructure. TGV prides itself as value-adding investors and has a wide, diverse network of Angel Investors, VCs, Professionals and Family Offices that all help accelerate TGV portfolio companies globally.

True Global Ventures who are a great proponent of PrimaryMarkets, have offered to the PrimaryMarkets investor network the opportunity to join their 49th Conference. This time, they have themed their conference Forced Digitalisation – The Opportunity of the Century. True Global Ventures have put together a diverse group of investors across four continents to compare notes on investors sentiments especially with the accelerated digitalisation provoked by COVID19.

Yat Sui, the founder of Animoca Brands, which started a Private Trading Hub on the PrimaryMarketsplatform on 6 July 2020 will participate in both the keynote session as well as the panel session.

True Global Ventures have invited our Founder and Executive Chairman, Gavin Solomon, to be a speaker on the First Panel discussion at 10:20 AEST – “The Evolution of Private Markets in Asia and U.S.A.” Gavin will be joined on this Panel Session by the CEO’s of Forge Global (USA),SharesPost (USA) and Capbridge (SQ). Forge bought SharesPost for US$160M in May 2020.

To secure your complimentary place before all 50 conference places are taken Click Here*

To view full agenda Click Here.



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