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24th November 2020

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Company: Crestone Holding Ltd
Sector : Wealth Management
Type: Private Trading Hub
Description: PrimaryMarkets welcomes Crestone Holdings Ltd and its shareholders to the Crestone Private Trading Hub.

Crestone provides wealth advice and portfolio management services to high net worth clients and family offices, not for profit organisations and financial institutions. It was created from the acquisition of UBS Wealth Management Australia Ltd—a company with an 80-year heritage and more than A$20 billion of client assets under management.

This Private Trading Hub will be accessible to Crestone shareholders only.

Company: Arbortech Industries Ltd
Sector: Manufacturing / Power Tools
Type: Private Trading Hub
Description: Arbortech is recognized for its world leading innovations in cutting tools and accessories.
PrimaryMarkets operate a Private Trading Hub for Arbortech.

Trading In Arbortech Shares Is Now Open.

Company: Lava Blue
Sector: Resources Technology
Type: Capital Raise
Business Update: Lava Blue is developing a High Purity Alumina (HPA) project in North Queensland. HPA is used in the production of Lithium ion Batteries.

Lava Blue held its Annual General Meeting yesterday, to view the presentation Click Here.

Lava Blue is raising A$2.5M

PrimaryMarkets News
Secondary Trading is where investors buy or sell (trade) shares (securities) in private/ unlisted companies. This trading differs from a stock exchange in that the secondary market deals with private unlisted companies rather than publicly listed ones.

Since the early 2000s, trading on secondary markets has grown rapidly. One reason for this is the trend for companies to stay private or unlisted for longer. According to McKinsey and Company, the average age of U.S. technology companies going public in 1999 was 4 years. By 2019, the average was 11 years..........

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