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25th June 2020

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Update: Animoca Brands postpones the launch of its PrimaryMarkets Trading Hub due to capital raise.

Also today, we explain how PrimaryMarkets operates Private Trading Hubs for leading unlisted companies and funds to facilitate secondary trading (buying and selling) of their issued securities along with a short video presentation. 


Animoca Brands has informed shareholders that trading of the Company’s shares on the PrimaryMarkets private secondary share trading hub will now commence on 6 July 2020, instead of 24 June 2020 as previously announced. The Company requires this period to complete a capital raise currently in progress. The Company will provide further details as soon as practicable.

The Trading Hub is a secure, controlled private trading hub on PrimaryMarkets that will enable the Company’s shareholders to list and trade shares of Animoca Brands transparently, independently, and confidentially (for more information, please refer to the Company’s announcement of 17 June 2020). To get started on PrimaryMarkets, please Click Here.


A PrimaryMarkets Private Trading Hub is a technology platform which:

  • Facilitates secondary trading of existing securities in a transparent, orderly environment.
  • Builds market awareness and research coverage for unlisted/private companies and funds.
  • Embraces traditional market participants to improve liquidity across all unlisted securities and investments.
  • Raises the standard for trading in securities and investments in unlisted/private entities.

Notable companies supported with the PrimaryMarkets Trading Hub Platform include:


Private Trading Hub Features:

  • Dedicated and private: customised platform accessible only to those investors pre-approved by the company.
  • Investor Resources: the company determines what information is made available on the platform e.g. accounts, investor presentations, commentary notes.
  • Flexible Share Trading Rules: ensures adherence to all the trading rules specified by the company.
  • Transaction controls: timing, conditions of sale, access to PrimaryMarkets Network can be determined by the company (or, if permitted, by each seller).
  • Transparency: full management and monitoring of all transactions by the company.
  • Dedicated Customer support: online assistance from the PrimaryMarkets account managers.
  • Integrated processes for settlement and share transfer registration: full-service solution for the company and its securityholders.
  • PrimaryMarkets Escrow: online administration for settlement and clearing of transactions with online AML/KYC and accredited investor status.
  • Targeted Investors: access to PrimaryMarkets institutional, accredited, wholesale and professional investor network.

To help explain our Private Trading Hubs and how they work, we invite you to watch this short video.




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