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27th August 2020

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Today, we feature GMDx a genomics testing company that delivers the next generation of immunogenomic diagnostics in oncology.

Also, some exciting business developments from Lava Blue as it looks to become a mainstream producer of High Purity Alumina.

Finally, Aminoca Brands (which has a Private Trading Hub with PrimaryMarkets) announced that the non-fungible SAND tokens in its majority owned subsidiary, The Sandbox, in the first 24 hours of trading on Binance turned over US$140M worth of tokens.



GMDx is a genomics testing company that delivers the next generation of immunogenomic diagnostics in oncology. GMDx was established in 2015 to further develop and commercialise the discoveries of Dr Robyn Lindley. GMDx has developed a comprehensive and powerful genomic-profile testing platform with the clinical applications in oncology for:

  • predicting patient response to immunotherapy treatment and
  • predicting cancer progression.

The GMDx platform technology combines proprietary predictive algorithms, a strong and extensive IP portfolio, sophisticated analytics, and machine learning capabilities that provides customers with clinical grade whole genome testing.

GMDx is an Australian company raising A$1.7M, for more Information Click Here.

Lava Blue - Business updates:

Mini-Plant Project
Lava Blue is proceeding to complete the mini-plant at the Redlands Energy Science Park. Commissioning the mini-plant will significantly revalue the Company. Lava Blue will be the only enterprise in the world running a mini-plant that can demonstrate repeated production of HPA from kaolin.

Additional Grant Funding from IM CRC for Mini-Plant project
Since winning a $645,000 grant in September 2019, Lava Blue and research partners at QUT have been able to maintain progress across a number of fronts, including demonstrating early outcomes of machine learning in manufacturing of HPA. This substantial progress, along with the relocation of the mini-plant facility from the original small site at Banyo to the Redlands Energy Science Park, has resulted in the IM CRC increasing the total grant to $1,045,000.

Progress on Licencees
Lava Blue is pursuing a two-pronged commercialisation strategy. While planning to be a primary producer of at least 5,000 tonnes of HPA per annum, it is also seeking to develop a network of licencees for the HPA process.

Lava Blue Acquires Cloncurry Industrial Minerals
Lava Blue has held an option to acquire Cloncurry Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd (CIM), which holds exploration permits over the HJ Reef. In May of 2020 the option was exercised and Lava Blue purchased all of the outstanding capital of CIM by exchange of shares.

Lava Blue is an Australian company raising A$2.5M, for more information please Click Here.


Private Trading Hub Update - Animoca Subsidiary has massive Token Launch

Aminoca Brands (which has a Private Trading Hub with PrimaryMarkets) announced that its majority owned subsidiary trading as The Sandbox had a highly successful Token Launch, (noting Animoca’s market cap when last listed on the ASX was circa A$170M).

Key highlights of the Announcement include:

  • “This initial exchange offering, or IEO, was successful, raising US$3 million via the sale of 360 million SAND tokens (12% of the total supply of SAND) to Binance users at US$0.008333 per token.
  • Over the first 24 hours, Binance users traded over US$140 million worth of SAND tokens. SAND currently has a price ranging between US$0.05 and 0.07, which represents an increase of approximately +600% from the opening sale price of US$0.008333.
    It is important to remember that the total supply of 3 billion SAND tokens is the maximum number of tokens that will ever be available and these tokens are, effectively, already issued even if they are not all yet in circulation. Sites like CoinMarketCap are very informational, but only provide the value of the circulated supply of a token, not the value of the
    total supply.
  • To calculate the market capitalisation of SAND tokens, we multiply the current price per token by the total supply of tokens. Therefore, a per-token price of US$0.052173 x 3,000,000,000 issued tokens would imply a SAND a token market cap of US$156,519,000."

Read Full Announcement.





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