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27th October 2020

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Company: Verita HealthCare Group

Sector :Healthcare

Type: Secondary Trading

Description: Verita HealthCare Grouphas been built from the outset to be an integrated platform combining “bricks and mortar” specialised clinics and innovative products with cutting edge technologies including MedTech, IOT, analytics and AI. These three Pillars form the structure and revenue ecosystem for the business.

Verita’s fast growing global footprint now spans Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, harnessing the best medical professionals, protocols, sciences and technologies to deliver world-class preventative, precision, patient-centric healthcare.

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Company: NutraCare

Sector :Health and Supplements

Type: Secondary Trading 

Description: NutraCare is an Australian-based infant formula and pregnancy health company and 50% owner of Shaanxi Nutracare. NutraCare is an Australian health and wellness company with an ambitious and clear vision – ‘to inspire a better, healthier world’

Products include:

  • Probio Plus Infant, Child and Adult
  • NutraCare Ancillary Products
  • NutraCare Infant Formula
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Company: Arbortech

Sector :Manufacturing / Power Tools

Type: Private Trading Hub

Description: Arbortechis a truly unique Australian company recognized for its world leading innovations in cutting tools and accessories. Its commitment to research and development has resulted in a wide range and steady stream of versatile woodworking and masonry products that are successfully being marketed worldwide.

PrimaryMarkets operate a Private Trading Hub for Arbortech. The trading window in Arbortech shares will openMonday 2nd November 2020.

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