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2nd March 2021

Tuesday, March 02, 2021
Company: GigSuper Pty Ltd
Sector: Superannuation / Fintech
Opportunity: The Company is seeking up to A$2.5M in equity at A$1.85 per share.
Description: Self-employed Australians are hugely disadvantaged in terms of retirement savings. The majority of self-employed Australians have lower levels of superannuation across all age groups compared with other employees and most will struggle to achieve a comfortable retirement, GigSuper is the first mover in a new category of super that addresses the needs of over 2.2 million self-employed Australians.

GigSuper competes in ways that Big Super doesn’t. GigSuper:
  • Automates contributions and tax deductions
  • Provides tools, services, and content that helps members not only with their super, but also with their business.
  • The GigSuper App also has a number of product features designed specifically for self-employed members, including a built-in saver account, automated tax claims, insurance cover, life stage investment options, digital nudges, and one-touch consolidation.

Company: Ultra HPQ
Sector: Mineral Technology

Opportunity: Ultra HPQ is seeking to raise A$250,000 priced at a 20% discount to the larger capital raise of A$5M proposed for Q2 2021. This is a bridging round with funds used for final testing prior to production.

Ultra HPQS (High Purity Quartz Sand) is a critical material used in the manufacture of various Green tech and Hi-Tech applications as well as specialty;
  • Fibre optics/lenses and medical/lab quartzware and lighting industries
  • Solar PV cell wafers (used in the manufacture of all Solar PV cells)
  • Semiconductor wafer manufacture (Smartphones, EV, Cloud Computing, Digital Products)
The end products manufactured using ultra high purity quartz sand are driving a cleaner and smarter future.

Company: Arbortech Industries Ltd
Sector: Technology Manufacturer - Driven Power Tools

Arbortech is a truly unique Australian company recognized for its world leading innovation and manufacturing of cutting tools and accessories.

Arbortech is set to release its truly disruptive cutting technology into the huge global concrete market.

Concrete is the most used man-made material on earth being twice that of steel, wood, plastics and aluminium combined. Globally, the ready-mix concrete industry - the largest segment of the concrete market- already exceeds US$600B in revenue with a forecast compound annual growth rate of 7.9% to 2027.

Investors now have the opportunity to acquire Arbortech shares and join several hundred existing shareholders in this innovative, ethical and profitable company.

Arbortech’s impressive growth throughout the pandemic continued unabated with revenues up 27% for the half year to 31 December 2020.

With a proven track record for developing cutting technologies into disruptive innovative products for world markets, the Company is well on course for another exciting year ahead. The Company plans to increase production capacity of its current product portfolio which for the half year saw revenues significantly increase in the Woodworking and Brick saw segments.

The 2021 release of the new revolutionary concrete cutting technology named “Hammersaw” will for the first time offer industry a safer, cost effective and faster way to cut concrete.

The Arbortech Investor Resources section on PrimaryMarkets contains additional material for investors including financial information, management and strategy.

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