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4th August 2020

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Today, we feature a Private Trading Hub on the PrimaryMarkets Platform - Animoca Brands which was listed on the ASX until 9 March 2020 (ex-ASX:AB1) with approximately 2,400 shareholders and a market capitalisation of circa A$170M. Animoca shares have been listed on the PrimaryMarkets Platform since 6 July 2020 and approximately 5 Million shares have already been traded.

Also, Greatcell Energy, a provider of micro-power for IoT devices using third generation solar technologies.

In the news, PrimaryMarkets is pleased to announce the launch of COMMCHAIN– the digital platform for global bulk commodities trade.



Animoca Brands is an award-winning technology company that leverages gamification, blockchain, brands, and artificial intelligence to develop and publish a broad portfolio of digital products including mobile games, virtual decentralized worlds, and fitness solutions. Animoca Brands and its subsidiaries offer several products based on popular intellectual properties including Formula 1®, Power Rangers, Garfield, Snoopy, and various others. The group has also developed successful original properties including The Sandbox, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes.

Animoca Brands was listed on the ASX until 9 March 2020 (ex-ASX:AB1) with approximately 2,400 shareholders and a market capitalisation of circa A$170M. In FY2019, it reported A$17.8M in unaudited revenues (up 39% year on year) and A$6.9M in deferred revenues, with record receipts from customers of A$24.9 million (up 83% year on year).

Animoca Brands is based in Hong Kong with offices in the USA, Canada, Finland, Argentina, and the Czech Rebublic.

To register for the Animoca Brands Private Trading Hubor to view a video presentation Click Here.

To view the Animoca Brandscommentary note Click Here.

PrimaryMarkets provides a Platform for liquidity by operating secure controlled Private Trading Hubs to facilitate secondary trading of issued securities. To help explain our Private Trading Hubs and how they work, we invite you to watch this short video.



Greatcell Energy is a unique opportunity to invest in a renewable energy/impact investing company with a history of success and ground-breaking technology which could revolutionise the energy industry.

Company Update:

  • Acquire all the intellectual property
  • Acquire all physical assets
  • Re-establish international expertise
  • BONUS: Secured 400,000 Euro grant funding


  • Commence making perovskite cells
  • Secure strategic partners
  • Perovskites will truely disrupt the energy industry.

For more information and a video presentation Click Here.

COMMCHAIN – Enabling digital transformation for logistics and trade settlement

PrimaryMarkets is delighted to announce the lunch of COMMCHAIN. Built by mining industry leaders for the mining industry, CommChain is the digital platform for global bulk commodities trading. Eliminating the need for archaic paper-based documentation, CommChain’s blockchain-based solution offers a suite of features that enables the digital transformation of logistics and trade settlement.

CommChain offers customers a secure digital solution for the execution of logistics services and trade settlement. It enables a private permission-based distributed ledger platform that networks across all participants using advanced blockchain technology. Embedded processes and smart contracts facilitate the execution of data transfer in the logistics chain and ensures accurate and secure processing of trade settlements.

For more information please go to www.commchain.com


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