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5th November 2020

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Property Fund

Company: NIVA Group
Sector : Property
Type: Managed Fund
Description: NIVA brings together ISG’s expert fund management skills and Noble Ventures’ property development and management capabilities to create a stronger, high performing business unit that has few peers in the industry.

NIVA has built strong, long term relationships with leading property industry participants including financial institutions, architects, town planners, builders, engineers, real estate agents and valuers.

NIVA’s track record of highly successful projects across residential, aged-care and retirement villages are a testament to these relationships.

NIVA Group is raising up to A$45M

IPO - Capital Raise
Company: East 33
Sector : Agriculture/Oyster Production
Type: IPO
Description: The Sydney Rock Oyster is Australia’s prestige native oyster and naturally thrives in less than 30 locations on the east coast of Australia. These pristine waterways and undisputed provenance make the SRO a highly unique and exceptionally rare product, with an estimated one SRO being produced for every 36,000 oysters grown globally.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of East 33’s business, employing world-class sustainability practices and actively seeking to collaborate with government, industry and the communities where it farms.

East 33 understands and cherishes the deep roots in the Great Lakes region, with many of our farmers being multi-generational leaders in the oyster industry as well as the local community.

East 33 is proud to play a key role in showcasing the incredible diversity, exceptional characteristics and extraordinary history of this uniquely Australian product to the world.

Some key figures:
  • Historic EBITDA of FY19 $4.5M forecast to be $8M in FY22 and $20M in FY23
  • 234% volume growth in oysters from 6M in FY19 to 15M in FY22

East 33 is raising A$32M in a IPO on the ASX.

Capital Raise - Business Update
Company: Greatcell Energy
Sector : Solar Technology
Type: Capital Raise
Business Update: Greatcell Energy which is Australia’s Only 3rd Generation Solar Company has published to its shareholders the first Consolidated Financial Statements of the group for the period ending 30 June 2020.

Greatcell Energy is raising A$1M

Capital Raise - Business Update
Company: Lava Blue
Sector : Resources Technology
Type: Capital Raise
Business Update: Lava Blue is developing a High Purity Alumina (HPA) project in North Queensland. HPA is used in the production of Lithium ion Batteries.

Lava Blue have just released a shareholder update covering, Fund Raising, Mini-Plant progress, Licencees and Collaborations, CIM Manganese Permits Field Work, Grants and Rebates.

Lava Blue is raising A$2.5M

Private Trading Hub
Company: Arbortech
Sector : Manufacturing / Power Tools
Type: Private Trading Hub
Description: Arbortech is recognized for its world leading innovations in cutting tools and accessories.
PrimaryMarkets operate a Private Trading Hub for Arbortech.


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