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6th May 2021

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Capital Raise
Sector: Software

Opportunity: Raising A$1.2M (Pre-Money Valuation A$8.15M), IPO planned for H1 2022.

WithWine is an industry disruptive e-commerce platform that powers the rapidly growing Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) businesses of wineries globally. WithWine gives a platform for wineries of all sizes to grow their businesses and foster long-term customer loyalty.

Capital Raise
GMDx Genomics
Sector: Biotechnology

Opportunity: GMDx is raising A$1.7M.

GMDx is a genomics testing company that delivers the next generation of immunogenomic diagnostics in oncology. The Board of GMDx is continuing its discussions with a leading Australian stock broking firm regarding a potential IPO on the ASX. GMDx looks forward to updating the market on this matter in coming weeks.

GMDx has produced a short video explaining this unique opportunity. View video here.

Investor Centre
Pharmaxis (ASX:PXS)
Sector: Biotechnology

Pharmaxis and Charlie Teo Foundation Identify Promising New Drug to Tackle Brain Cancer.

Pharmaxis has joined the fight against brain cancer announcing an important research project that will study the Pharmaxis drug discovery known as PXS-5505 as a potentially novel way to treat glioblastoma. Pharmaxis is currently developing the drug to treat myelofibrosis.

The Charlie Teo Foundation has awarded a A$186,000 research grant to Dr Y. Alan Wang, Ph.D., at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre, to investigate whether the drug, which has shown promising pre-clinical results, can knock out the lysyl oxidase enzymes which play a crucial role in accelerating glioblastoma tumour growth.

Pharmaxis CEO Gary Phillips speaks to Proactive's Andrew Scott about the Company’s drug PXS-5505 - View Here.

Investor Centres

We all know that small ASX companies can get lost in terms of investor coverage and a lack of liquidity.

PrimaryMarkets has developed a new offering to solve this problem - "Investor Centres".

PrimaryMarkets provides a bespoke Investor Relations Platform for ASX-Listed companies.

We operate and promote company specific Investor Centres to support investor engagement, awareness and education to our valued investor base of over 110,000.

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