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6th October 2020

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Today, we feature STAR Watera company which has developed leading-edge technologies that are revolutionising key aspects of drainage and water recycling.

Also, Greatcell Energy, a provider of micro-power for IoT devices using third generation solar technologies.

Ashareholder update from HydraLight International,which has developed technology to create useable DC power by harnessing the electrons liberated from a magnesium anode immersed in salt water.

Finally,Wanted an ASX listed mining/resources shell for a party looking to transact a Reverse Takeover (RTO)


STAR Water is a global innovator with exclusive, leading-edge, impact technologies that are revolutionising key aspects of drainage, pollutant removal, water reuse and waste water recycling systems globally. Water, energy and waste are three essential services for any city. STAR Water technology is at the forefront of sustainable systems for these services.

STAR Water is well positioned to benefit from the infrastructure stimulus plans which both Australian Federal and State governments will focus on post COVID-19 and following the difficult and extreme drought and bushfire season.

StarWater is an Australian Company raising A$5M, for information including a video presentation Click Here.

Greatcell Energyis the Australian Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) companyand is one of the few organisations at the forefront of industrialising and commercialising this photovoltaic technology that has leapt to the attention of everybody in the energy field.

Here are some exciting updates from Greatcell:

  • New Facility: The new Greatcell site in Bomen (NSW) is a special purpose business park for early stage manufacturing and has links with Charles Sturt University.
  • New Markets for PSC:The last ten years have seen the explosion of market demand for drones and UAV’s (Unmanned Airborne Vehicles). Greatcell has commenced a project with an Australian ASX listed technology company with its objective of providing wing power products to UAV’s within 2 years.
  • APOLO:Is a substantial Horizon 2020 European project involving Greatcell Solar Italia srL (GSI), with its European subsidiary. APOLO represent Smart Designed Full Printed Flexible Robust Efficient Organic Halide Perovskite solar cells. The project has met its scheduled goals and is planned to reach its successful completion in the first half of 2022

Greatcell is an Australian company raising A$1M, for more information Click Here.


HydraLight is pleased to publicise the August shareholder update, some key points from the announcement are:

  • Kickstarter campaign, which generated A$150k in revenue (approximately 2,000 units), to launch the HydraCell (Power) Cube
  • The successful delivery of the HydraCell Cube will allow Hydralight to further progress ongoing discussions with key industry and retail groups in the developing world.
  • Samples of the Aqua-Tac flashlight/torch (with the new smaller HC1D HydraCell) have attracted significant interest and positive feedback from many market participants.
  • The first production run of the Orca Torch Light is nearing completion.
  • Hydralight completed the third-party verification, at a leading international institution, of its technology (excl. the HydraCell Cube) and its performance characteristics in June 2020.

Hydralight is raising A$1M via a Convertible Note, with a two year 5% coupon and convertible into ordinary shares at $0.10 per share.

To view the full shareholder update please Click Here.


We have a party looking to transact a Reverse Takeover (RTO) of an ASX Listed mining/resources company. The target company must be:

  • Fully complaint with ASX and ASIC requirements.
  • Not be suspended or delisted.
  • Problem free with control available and no material liabilities.

The respective business is a Western Australian Iron Ore explorer. Project drilling has commenced and it is looking to raise funds for a BFS and JORC Report.
The party has an experienced, successful, well-credentialed Board and Management team. The ownership structure and RTO terms are to be mutually agreed.

If you are aware of any such listed ASX shell please contact us info@primarymarkets.com.

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